Justin Nast close to being next Miller coach

You may have seen the story about Clovis High assistant Justin Nast named as the next Miller coach.
I was cautioned that it not only is pending board approval, but it is pending reference and background check by the district’s human resources department. So it is not done, quite yet.
But if he does become the next coach, here are the pros and cons I caught from a phone interview I conducted with him.


  • He is young (26) and he has the energy to take over a program that needs a nudge in the right direction, not an overhaul despite a 1-9 record last year.
  • He has experience working at two schools that have had success under different offensive systems and will adapt his offense based on personnel, not the other way around.
  • He is already breaking down film from last year, coming up with ideas on how to stop the offensive schemes of Miller’s opponents. That’s getting a head start if you ask me.
  • Coming from outside the area, he can have some fresh ideas and not have preconceived notions about Miller or the Citrus Belt League.
  • Especially at his current school, Clovis, he has shown a dedication to the athletic program as a whole, not just football.


  • His youth may provide energy but it doesn’t provide him with a lot of experience.
  • The fact that he’s new to the area means he doesn’t have as many connections in the Inland Empire coaching fraternity, so it might be difficult to find assistants.
  • Because he is not from the area, he doesn’t have ties to keep him here.

Regardless, best of luck to Justin. It’s not going to be easy competing in the Citrus Belt League now that previous doormats Eisenhower is improved and Fontana is gone. But it sounds like he’s got some good ideas and energy, should he get the job.

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