Will the San Andreas League as we know it cease to be?

If you thought it was a major change for Cajon to be moved from the San Andreas League to the Citrus Belt League, get ready for some bigger changes.

Three current San Andreas League schools, Pacific, San Bernardino and Arroyo Valley, plus one new school, Indian Springs, are looking to break from the SAL and form a new league. I wrote about it in my Prep 5 that appears in The Sun in Thursday’s editions.

That would leave Carter, Rialto and San Gorgonio to form what is left of the SAL.

The Sunkist League, by all accounts, wants to remain intact. But the Mountain Valley League, with Riverside Notre Dame moving to a different area, will break up. That could put the Mountain Valley League’s Citrus Valley and Jurupa Hills into the SAL with Carter, Rialto and San G.

Who would join the new league? Apparently at least two Moreno Valley schools have been talked about possibly joining the schools splintering off from the SAL.

What do you think? Who should be in the new leagues?

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  • City champ

    They should put all the San Bernardino city schools in the same league. A little inter-city rivalry would be good and traveling costs would be low. 6 team league, an all-city team, and city championships would be fun. Something the city could be proud of and maybe spark up some interest and excitement.

    • In theory, that’s a nice idea. But the San Andreas League used to have all the San Bernardino schools in it: Arroyo Valley, Cajon, Pacific, San Bernardino and San Gorgonio, and Cajon dominated that league. That’s why Cajon went to the Citrus Belt League. Bringing those five back together and adding a new program, Indian Springs, would still result in the same thing, Cajon dominating.