Giving credit where credit is due

The wrong player was credited in print for the game-winning touchdown in the last seconds of San Gorgonio’s heart-stopping 42-39 win over Colton.

It was Nathan Meadors with the catch of a 3-yard pass that gave the Spartans (5-0) the decisive points.

The player normally wears No. 5 but was wearing No. 1 instead.

Coach Ron Gueringer has been so pleased with Meadors’ showing midway through the season, he called him the Spartans MVP.

“It isn’t just what he does on offense, it’s what he does on defense too,” the coach said. “If we gave an MVP, right now it would be him.”

San Gorgonio is ranked No. 3 in the Eastern Division but could move up this week because No. 1 Citus Hill lost to Riverside King 24-17. No. 2 Oak Hills handily defeated Miller 41-0.



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