CIF-SS football: my prediction on how the Inland Division will look

The pairings don’t come out until tomorrow morning, but as I like to try and do each year, I try and predict who will play who.
Here is the Inland Division bracket as I think it will look. But 2 things before I give you the bracket. 1) I changed this Sunday morning when I learned Citrus Valley got the at-large team, not Hemet. In a previous blog post, I wrote how close it is between the 3 teams in the running: Hemet, Citrus Valley and Temescal Canyon, at least based on CIF criteria. 2) I really want to see a Cajon-San Gorgonio matchup, but it never seemed to work out

My prediction on how the Inland Division bracket will look:

Tahquitz (Mountain Pass No. 3, 4-6) at No. 1 seed REV (Citrus Belt No. 1, 9-1)
Jurupa Hills (San Andreas No. 2, 5-5) at Elsinore (Sunbelt No. 2, 8-2)
Cajon (Citrus Belt No. 3, 7-3) at Rancho Verde (Inland Valley No. 2, 8-2)
Rim of the World (San Andreas No. 3, 5-5) at No. 4 seed Citrus Hill (Mountain Pass No. 1, 9-1)
Citrus Valley (Citrus Belt at-large, 4-6) at No. 3 seed Riverside Poly (Inland Valley No. 1, 10-0)
Paloma Valley (Sunbelt No. 3, 6-4) at San Gorgonio (San Andreas No. 1, 9-1)
Carter (Citrus Belt No. 2, 8-2) at San Jacinto (Mountain Pass No. 2, 9-1)
North (Inland Valley No. 3, 3-7 at No. 2 seed Heritage (Sunbelt No. 1, 10-0).

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