Pacific High football gets money from SoCal Honda

Mike Aragon, above, speaking after he was named head coach of Pacific in August.

Pacific High School football coach Mike Aragon put in his request essay and forgot about it.
After all, it was about five months ago, or even before he became the head coach.
But last week, he got a call from a representative from the Southern California Helpful Honda Dealers as part of their “random acts of helpfulness” program and was told he was being awarded a $2,500 gift card to a sporting goods store for equipment.
Turns out, it’s not just an ad campaign.
“I kind of thought I didn’t get it,” said Aragon after waiting several months. “I had to ask her to repeat herself and I just thanked her.”
While the school provides most of the equipment necessary to play, Aragon said several players can’t afford to buy basic things, such as cleats. He said he and another coach bought 12 pairs of cleats themselves for the team and a handful of others wore cleats that were “past their prime.”
He also hoped to buy game socks, and other things such as workout shorts and shirts. He said he planned on earmarking some of the money for specific needs, and keep some in reserve for other things as they arose.
“Of course, I want to make them earn it,” he said. “It’s one less thing out of my head, trying to raise money and get sponsors. A lot of people helped us out last year, and this gives them a little bit of a break.”

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