After losing 161-2, what Bloomington is concerned about

After its girls basketball team lost 161-2 to Arroyo Valley last week, Bloomington High has yet to return from Winter Break. That happens Tuesday (today, Jan. 13).

Here’s what athletic director Chris Brickley is concerned about for when students return and what he’s done to prevent it:

The 161-2 score doesn’t reflect well on Arroyo Valley (because of sportsmanship) or Bloomington (because their team isn’t very good).

And with all the publicity from that game, Brickley hopes the Bruins’ girls basketball team won’t be the subject of ridicule. So, he’s enlisted the help of other winter sports teams (talking to the coaches first) to show support for girls basketball players should they be ridiculed by classmates. Brickley said it’s not about criticizing anything that Arroyo Valley did, but it’s showing support for how Bloomington’s team handled the loss.

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