VIDEO: Acting head coach Nick Anderson talks + my take

With Arroyo Valley girls basketball coach Michael Anderson suspended for 2 games in the wake of last week’s 161-2 win over Bloomington, his son, 19-year-old Nick Anderson is the acting head coach.
I have several thoughts on this. First, I think the 2 games was fair. He didn’t deserve to lose his job. But I think a short suspension is warranted. No rules were broken, but the sportsmanship line was crossed. I have no problem with 2 games.

Second, is this kid really 19, only 2 years removed from high school? He is, and while he wasn’t really put to the test on Wednesday, I have the feeling he’s going to be one hell of a coach someday. He handles himself with the media well and he knows his father’s system. Impressive.

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