Citrus Belt League football wrap-up and final thoughts

The regular season is over, and the fairly unpredictable Citrus Belt League ended Friday without major surprises:
The scores on the final night:
Redlands 28, Carter 15
Cajon 61, Miller 26
Redlands East Valley 53, Yucaipa 17
Citrus Valley 58, Eisenhower 0

So, here are the CBL automatic entries for the playoffs, in order:
1. Cajon (9-1, 6-1)
2. Redlands East Valley (8-2, 6-1)
3. Redlands (7-3, 5-2)
Wild card probability:
4. Yucaipa (7-3, 4-3)
5. Carter (7-3, 4-3)

When there were some upsets and surprises, I wondered at the end which games would come back to haunt teams?
It seems Carter’s 20-18 loss to Yucaipa will haunt them, keeping them from making the playoffs. On the other hand, it’s the game that gets Yucaipa into the playoffs.
The other is REV’s 37-17 loss to Cajon. Of course Cajon deserved to win that game, but REV obviously didn’t play its best. Against each of the other 3 teams in the playoff hunt in the CBL, REV had a better result, for what that’s worth. Regardless, it’s certainly a game REV would rather have back, but it didn’t keep the Wildcats out of the playoffs.

One thing that struck me from the Redlands-Carter game I was at. Carter turned the ball over 3 times and in each instance, it was a team effort from Redlands. Twice Carter QB Sonny Robison was stripped by one defender and the ball was recovered by another. In the interception, it took one defender to deflect the ball from intended receiver Marcus Strong and a second defender intercepted it. Impressive job by the Terrier defense.

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