Incident sidelines Rialto HS athletic director Dan Williams

While the Rialto High School has been getting its new football coach, Robert Mitchell, approved by the school board, athletic director Dan Williams has been out due to injuries suffered in an altercation at the school Jan. 7.

Mr. Williams was a victim of a phsyical act that was committed in front of witnesses that included students,” Rialto Unified School District Communications Director Syeda Jafri said. “He is healing from his injuries that he sustained in the altercation. The suspect was trespassing and had no formal authorization or formal approval to use the school’s athletic field.”

Jafri said the incident was being investigated by San Bernardino PD, which has jurisdiction over the campus and Williams was not on administrative leave.

San Bernardino PD confirmed there is an ongoing investigation in the incident. A spokesperson indicated that Williams was trying to clear a field for a game. A non-student adult who was there with children confronted Williams. He punched Williams in the face several times, causing a concussion.

Williams declined to comment on the incident other than to confirm that he was not at school last week.

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