Commitment hasn’t cooled interest in Stephen Carr

Summit High School running back Stephen Carr orally committed to USC more than a year ago.

But that hasn’t stopped other schools from coming to see him.

At Friday’s game against Grand Terrace, Michigan running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley stood on the Summit sideline and Summit coach Nick Matheny confirmed that Wheatley was there to watch Carr.

“He hung out on the sidelines with my dad and cousin,” Matheny said. “He was just another guy. He was awesome.”

Matheny said Wheatley is the second college coach on the SkyHawks’ sideline this year, joining Nebraska assistant coach Reggie Davis.

Matheny doesn’t think that Carr has scheduled any trips, but is encouraging him to take the five official trips as allowed per NCAA rules.

“You’ll never have another chance in life to take a trip to five different schools,” Matheny said. “I think he needs to do that for the experience, to solidify his commitment. But I’m going to support him 110 percent in whatever he does.”

He doesn’t think the recruitment of Carr will develop Summit’s reputation because the school already has one.

“Summit has a reputation for having talent,” Matheny said. “The thing about Summit, most of the guys have good grades. Because guys in the past like Jamaal Williams and Donte Deayon did it before and showed we have good students and leaders.”

There aren’t any seniors other than Carr that would be recruited by Michigan, although there could be juniors or sophomores eventually at that level.

And Matheny didn’t discount the idea that a major-college recruiter could help someone else, such as Notre Dame helped Cade Sparks last year.

Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Sanford Jr. was at Summit last year to watch wide receiver Damian Alloway (now at UCLA). He noticed Sparks, who was Summit’s quarterback. Sparks didn’t fit into Notre Dame’s plans, but Sanford recommended Sparks to Indiana State, where Sanford’s father, Mike Sr., is the head coach.

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