Tuesday/Wednesday San Bernardino County CIF-SS playoff schedule

CIF-SS Tuesday/Wednesday playoff schedule

Boys basketball
Tuesday’s Quarterfinals
Open Division
Chino Hills vs. Long Beach Poly at Cerritos College
Division 1AA
Los Alamitos at Etiwanda
Division 2AA
Colony at Santa Maria St. Joseph
Buena Park at Cajon
Division 3A
Temescal Canyon at Hesperia
Twentynine Palms at Adelanto
San Bernardino at St. Anthony
Division 4A
Mary Star at Pacific
Division 5AA
Burbank Providence at Hesperia Christian
Division 5A
Apple Valley Christian at Canoga Park AGBU

Girls soccer
Tuesday’s Second Round (Time unknown except where noted)
Division 1
JSerra at Los Osos
Corona Santiago at Chino Hills, 5 p.m.
Upland at Hart
Division 2
Sunny Hills vs. Redlands East Valley at Citrus Valley HS 7 p.m.
Division 3
Serrano at Royal
Santa Monica at Oak Hills, 3 p.m.
Division 4
Oxnard Pacifica at Alta Loma, 5 p.m.
Bloomington at Santa Ynez
Division 5
La Sierra at Western Christian at Chaffey HS, 5 p.m.
Viewpoint vs. Summit at Miller HS, 5 p.m.
Santa Paula at Montclair
Gabrielino at Colony
Division 6
Grace Brethren at Riverside Prep, 3 p.m.
Coachella Valely at Ontario, 3 p.m.
Beaumont at Rialto
Webb at AAE
Nuview Bridge at Jurupa Hills
Division 7
Pomona at Pacific
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San Bernardino County CIF-SS Masters wrestling qualifiers

The CIF-SS Masters Wrestling Meet is this Friday and Saturday at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario.

Here are San Bernardino County wrestling qualifiers, with placement at last week CIF. Sixth place finishers can get in as alternates, some of whom know now they are in and others who won’t know until Friday. Top 9 in each weight class advance to state
106 lbs
Daniel Galvan, Jr., Alta Loma (1)
Frankie Lira, Sr., Upland (5)
Noah Padilla, Sr., Victor Valley (5)
Alfonso Rome, Sr., Ayala (4)
Ryan Spangler, Fr., Sultana (2)
Omar Alvarez, So., Victor Valley (2)
Brian Palafox, So., Carter (5)
Mohammad Shalabi, Jr., Bloomington (2)
Ty Silva, Jr., Barstow (4)
Sebastian Campos, Jr., Etiwanda (3)
Sunny Luna, So., Victor Valley (1)
Korey Mendoza, Fr., Yucaipa (3)
Alex Nunez, Sr., Alta Loma (1)
Isaiah Ramirez, So., Barstow (3)
Jonathan Smart, Jr., Montclair (5)
Mark Avila, Jr., Carter (3)
Caleb Blasius, Jr., Sultana (5)
Angelo Camacho, Sr., Victor Valley (5)
Anthony Loera, Jr., Yucaipa (2)
Tino Lopez, Jr., Alta Loma (1)
Robert Ornelas, Sr., San Bernardino (4)
Jose Rubio, Sr., Barstow (2)
Johnny Vargas, Sr., Montclair (3)
Nick Blandino, Fr., Etiwanda (4)
Ray Cordova, Sr., Alta Loma (1)
Brandon Mendieta, So., Cajon (4)
Anthony Miranda, Jr., Colton (5)
Jacob Blandino, Fr., Etiwanda (5)
Stevie Cardenas, Jr., Sultana (3)
Abe Cervantes, Sr., Los Osos (2)
Miguel Flores, Sr., Carter (4)
Julian Martinez, Sr., Ayala (5)
Julian Mercado, Sr., Victor Valley (2)
Shelton Miller, Jr., Oak Hills (5)
A.J. Raya, Sr., Yucaipa (2)
Christian Rivas, Sr., Chino Hills (4)
Seth Bloomer, Sr., Sultana (5)
Jerry Rubio, Jr., Carter (2)
Zander Silva, Sr., Alta Loma (1)
Diego Carillo, Jr., Etiwanda (4)
Jacob Carmona, Sr., Lucerne Valley (4)
Micah Horan, Sr., Rim of the World (5)
Brandon Martell, Sr., Oak Hills (4)
Sergio Panduro, Sr., Yucaipa (3)
Eric Serrano, Sr., Carter (6)
Nate Vargas, Jr., Sultana (3)
Oscar James, Sr., Victor Valley (5)
Raziel Jordan, Jr., Pacific (4)
Cole Pruitt, Jr., Alta Loma (5)
Rocky Rodriguez, Sr., Bloomington (5)
Abraham Smith, Sr., Rim of the World (4)
Evan Solis, Sr., Sultana (3)
Michael Viramontes, Jr., Hesperia (2)
Jacob Wright, Sr., Los Osos (2)
Steven Ardon, Jr., Carter (5)
Joaquin Castillejos, Sr., Bloomington (1)
Joey Griego, Sr., Sultana (1)
Thomas Rippy, Jr., Yucaipa (4)
Ethan Williams, Sr., Apple Valley (5)
Sean Brown, Sr., Yucaipa (2)
Gabriel Galvan, Sr., Bloomington (6)
Josh Loomer, Sr., Cajon (1)
Jeremiah Smith, Sr., Rim of the World (2)
Nathan Smith, Sr., Etiwanda (2)
Dylan Turkowski, Sr., Sultana (1)
Jake Jakubek, Excelsior (5)
Arick Lopez, Sr., Yucaipa (1)
Luis Melecio, Sr., Bloomington (1)
Leo Molina, Jr., Sultana (3)
Mario Sicairos, Jr., Hesperia (2)
Ryan Tuong, Jr., Victor Valley (2)
Sam Aguilar, Sr., Sultana (1)
Stephen Salazar, Sr., Bloomington (2)
Jaden Soto, Sr., Excelsior (4)
Xavier Torres, Sr., Rialto (6)
Steven Alanis, Colton (4)
Nick Gannuscio, Sr., Alta Loma (4)
Austin Gillham, Jr., Sultana (1)
Anthony Jimenez, Sr., Victor Valley (5)
Jesus Morales, Sr., Yucaipa (4)
Justin Salazar, Jr., Ayala (6)
Diego Sanchez, Jr., Montclair (3)
Anthony Vargas, Sr., Grand Terrace (1)
Matt Williams, Jr., Los Osos (4)

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Friday’s CIF-SS boys basketball and soccer local results and upcoming schedule

Here are results from Friday’s San Bernardino County games with who teams are playing next.

Boys basketball
Friday’s results
Next games are Tuesday quarterfinal games

Chino Hills 105, JSerra 74
Next: Chino Hills vs. Long Beach Poly at TBA

Division 1AA
Etiwanda 75, Village Christian 52
Next: Los Alamitos at Etiwanda

Division 1A
Harvard-Westlake 52, Kaiser 50
Redlands East Valley vs. Mayfair (Saturday)

Division 2AA
Colony 82, Cypress 48
Cajon 67, Whittier 42
Mission Prep 78, Upland 62
Next: Colony at Santa Maria St. Joseph
Buena Park at Cajon

Division 2A
Vista Murrieta 60, Summit 51

Division 3A
Hesperia 46, Palos Verdes 34
Twentynine Palms 81, Arroyo Grande 66
Adelanto 60, Yucaipa 59
San Bernardno 73, Oak Hills 55
Next: Temescal Canyon at Hesperia
Twentynine Palms at Adelanto
San Bernardino at Atascadero/St. Anthony winner

Division 4AA
San Marino 62, Barstow 58

Division 4A
Pacific 71, Santa Clara 54
Next: Pacific vs. Ridgecrest Burroughs/Mary Star winner at TBA

Division 5AA
Rolling Hills Prep 65, San Gorgonio 44
Hesperia Christian 80, Arrowhead Christian 64
Next: Burbank Providence at Hesperia Christian

Division 5A
Pasadena AGBU 63, ACE 49
Apple Valley Christian 103, Trona 72
Next: Apple Valley Christian at Canoga Park AGBU

Division 6
Upland Christian 57, Aveson Global Leadership 56
Mesa Grande Academy vs. Cate
Next: Santa Monica Pacifica Christian at Upland Christian

Thurs or Friday first round results
Next: second round Wednesday
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Ray Maholchic leaves as Serrano football coach, but Diamondbacks will be OK

I wasn’t completely surprised that Ray Maholchic stepped down as Serrano football coach. He had been hinting that it was coming soon. After all, he was retiring soon from teaching and would have to retire as coach by then in order to collect his retirement. I’m a little surprised that it wasn’t announced until mid-February.

Ray Maholhic and the Serrano program are class as evidenced by his press release:


It can be jarring when a long-time coach leaves. Redlands is going through that with Jim Walker’s departure. It happened when Dick Bruich left Fontana, when John Monger left Chino and it will happen when Tim Salter leaves Upland. In many of those situations, the next coach doesn’t stay  too long. The coaching staff splinters and it’s up to a new coach to eventually start a new tradition.

I don’t think that will happen at Serrano, and here’s why: it’s not to take away from Maholchic’s greatness as a coach. In fact, it’s because of it. He is in a one-high school district and most of his assistant coaches are on campus. He expects some interest among those assistants. so it wouldn’t be surprising if most of the rest of the staff stays intact. Maholchic also said, coaching hires are made on-site, so they don’t need to go to school board approval. So he and the administration can pick his successor.

In addition, Maholchic isn’t going away. He’ll still be the school’s athletic director and is willing to be in the booth during games to help the new head coach. Some of the roles will change, but the winning shouldn’t change much.

In my original story on his resignation, I hadn’t reached Apple Valley coach Matt Rohrbaugh. The coaching staffs at the two schools are very close. So here are Rohrbaugh’s comments on why they are close. “I think we have very similar philosophies and hard-nosed football,” he said. “It’s about holding kids to a standard and I respect how they do things.”

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San Andreas League all-league fall 2016

Here are Citrus Belt League all-league teams for fall 2016, sorry for the delay.

MVP offense:
Jair Goiz, San Gorgonio
First team offense
Kaleb Hayes, QB, San Gorgonio
Deontay Brown, Sr., RB, Arroyo Valley
Sean Carter, Sr., RB, Jurupa Hills
Xzavier Leslie, Sr., RB, San Gorgonio
Albert Rankin, Sr., RB, Indian Springs
Dezhon Williams, Sr., RB, San Gorgonio
William Brock, Jr., WR, Jurupa Hills
Tyreque Jones, Sr., WR, San Gorgonio
Bobby Kumpf, Sr., WR, Indian Springs
Larenzo McMillan Fr., WR, San Gorgonio
Dedrick Taylor-Akins, Jr., WR, Jurupa Hills
Jesse Boone, Jr., OL, San Gorgonio
Rogelo Marquez, Sr., OL, San Gorgonio
Nick Melendez, Sr., OL, Jurupa Hills
Zach McHenry, Sr., OL, Rim of the World
Javier Sandoval, Jr., OL, Arroyo Valley
Anthony Stoker, Jr., OL, Indian Springs
Jose Torrez, Sr., K, Arroyo Valley

Defensive MVP: Pika Fakava, Sr., San Gorgonio
First Team Defense
Dallas De Anda, Sr., DL, Jurupa Hills
Timoteo Fakava, Jr., DL, San Gorgonio
Tamoto La Cour, Sr., DL, Arroyo Valley
Xzavier Leslie, Sr., DL, San Gorgonio
Zach McHenry, Sr., DL, Rim of the World
Cody Akins, Jr., LB, Jurupa Hills
Isaiah Custis, Sr., LB, Indian Springs
Rudy Garcia, Sr., LB, Arroyo Valley
Gabriel Murgo, Sr., LB, San Gorgonio
Dezhon Williams, Sr., LB, San Gorgonio
Blake Wiest, Sr., LB, Rim of the World
Tyreque Jones, Sr., DB, San Gorgonio
Montre Moore, Sr., DB, San Gorgonio
Kejon Polk, Sr., DB, Rialto
Trichard RosemanDB, Sr., DB, Rim of the World
Jerome Weber, Jr., DB, San Gorgonio
Jose Aguilar, Sr., P, Jurupa Hills

Honorable Mention
Davion Chaney, Sr., Arroyo Valley
Da Juan Garcia, Sr., Indian Springs
Zane Scarbrough, So., Jurupa Hills
Xavier Torries, Sr., Rialto
Richard Roseman, Sr., Rim of the World
Praisegod Ikenador, So., San Gorgonio
Alex Martinez, Sr., Arroyo Valley
Ulysses Lugo, Sr., Indian Springs
Willie Rush, Jr., Jurupa Hills
Leo Torres, Jr., Rialto
Abraham Ramlagan, Sr., Rim of the World
Maurcio Elvine, Jr., San Gorgonio
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2016 fall Citrus Belt League all-league teams

Here are the 2016 fall all-Citrus Belt League teams

All-star Armando Herrera

Offensive MVP, Armando Herrera of Redlands East Valley throws in the Inland Empire All-Star Classic on Jan. 14, 2017 (photo by Terry Pierson)

2016 Citrus Belt League football

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Ambassador League honors announced for football

Aquinas High School running back Branden Rankins has rushed for more than 2,000 yards this season. The Falcons face St. Anthony for the CIF Division 10 title on Saturday. , is featured at Aquinas High School football stadium in San Bernardino, Calif. on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. (Photo by/The Sun, SCNG)

Offensive Player of Year: Branden Rankins, Jr., Aquinas
Defensive Player of Year: Dylan Petti, Sr., Notre Dame
Co-Coaches of Year: Jordan Brusig, Aquinas; Matt Hoesktra, Ontario Chr.
Sportsmanship Award: Western Christian

First team offense
OL: Ben Coleman, Soph., Linfield Christian
OL: Dylan Petti, Sr., Notre Dame
OL: Stewart Van Dam, Sr., Arrowhead Christian
OL: Zyon Mathis, Soph., Aquinas
OL: Brad Whitworth, Soph., Linfield Christian
QB: Niles Harrell, Sr., Notre Dame
RB: Ian Zamudio, St., Notre Dame
RB: Branden Rankins, Jr., Aquinas
WR: Savai’l Cravens, Sr., Linfield Christian
WR: Jared Baytosh, Jr., Notre Dame
UT: Joshka Gustav, Jr., Aquinas
K: Salieu Ceesay, Jr., Aquinas

First team defense
DL: Clayton Dahl, Sr., Ontario Christian
DL: Dylan Petti, Sr., Notre Dame
DL: Joshka Gustav, Jr., Aquinas
DL: Ben Coleman, Soph., Linfield Christian
LB: William Barbato,Sr., Linfield Christian
LB: Anthony Solis,Jr., Notre Dame
LB: Sean Yost, Sr., Arrowhead Christian
DB: Simeon Burns, Sr., Linfield Christian
DB: Nick Manuel, Sr., Arrowhead Christian
DB: Nick Baytosh, Sr., Notre Dame
DB: Savai’l Cravens, Sr., Linfield Christian
P: Brad Slayman, Jr., Arrowhead Christian

Second team offense
OL: Nathan Abelon, Sr., Arrowhead Christian
OL: Jasper Frils, Jr., Aquinas
OL: Zeke Zaragoza, Jr., Ontario Christian
OL: Henry Mitchell, Sr., Notre Dame
OL: Ethan Wattler, Jr., Notre Dame
QB: Kevin Jack, Jr., Ontario Christian
RB: John Henry, Sr., Linfield Christian
RB: Blake Biby, Sr., Ontario Christian
WR: DJ Botello, Sr., Arrowhead Christian
WR: Ian Ulloa, Sr., Ontario Christian
UT: Simeon Burns, Sr., Linfield Christian

Second team defense
DL: Joey Benson, Jr., Ontario Christian
DL: Stewart Van Dam, Sr., Arrowhead Christian
DL: Travion Brown, Soph., Linfield Christian
DL: Michael Hotetz, Soph., Aquinas
LB: Ruben Fabian, Jr., Aquinas
LB: Ryan Simpson, Sr., Notre Dame
LB: Andrew Kelstrom, Soph., Aquinas
DB: Ian Zamudio, Sr., Notre Dame
DB: John Henry, Sr., Linfield Christian
DB: Carson Kidd, Sr., Arrowhead Christian
DB: DJ Botello, Sr., Arrowhead Christian

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Ambassador League honors out in girls volleyball

Player of Year: Tesa Oaks, Sr., Woodcrest Christian
Coach of Year: Teri James, Woodcrest, Gina Smith, Notre Dame
Sportsmanship Award: Ontario Christian

First team
Tia Charina, Soph., Aquinas
Katie Greer, Soph., Woodcrest Christian
Morgan Hall, Jr., Loma Linda Academy
Bre Hood, Sr., Woodcrest Christian
Annaka Jorgenson, Soph., Ontario Christian
Ali Lewis, Sr., Western Christian
Nicole Qui, Jr., Notre Dame
Ashlynn Ritter, Sr., Ontario Christian
Braelynn Wakefield, Jr., Linfield Christian
Demari Webb, Jr., Loma Linda Academy
Emily White, Jr., Woodcrest Christian
Kristen Williams, Sr., Notre Dame
Trinity Wyscarver, Jr., Notre Dame

Second team
Raimi Albee, Soph., Woodcrest Christian
Selena Balderas, Fr., Ontario Christian
Rachel Enriquez, Sr., Ontario Christian
Gabby Gobaton, Jr., Aquinas
Natalie Grover, Jr., Woodcrest Christian
Hannah McKee, Jr., Loma Linda Academy
Kailee Rohmer, Jr., Loma Linda Academy
Devin Siverston, Fr., Linfield Christian
Jasmin Suarez, Jr., Notre Dame
Hannah Thalmayer, Sr., Arrowhead Christian

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