Football league predictions, then and now

OK, here we go, as all the remaining football leagues in the area start league play this week.

I will revisit my predictions in all the leagues. I predicted at the beginning of the season, and revising my predictions from what I know after 5 games.

Before the season prediction
1. Ontario Chrisitan, 2. Aquinas, 3. LInfield Christian, 4. Calvary Murrieta, 5. Western Christian, 6. Arrowhead Christian.
Prediction now
1. Ontario Christian, 2. Western Christian, 3. Arrowhead Christian, 4. LInfield Christian, 5. Aquinas, 6. Calvary Murrieta.
Why the change: Western and ACA are better than expected, both at 5-0, but I don’t think they can knock off the experience of Ontario Christian.
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Barstow in rebuilding mode

After a hiatus for vacations and things of the like over the past few weeks, we are getting back to business on the blog with team-by-team high school previews. Over the next month, we’ll be showcasing every county school east of the 15 and south of Barstow, where we’ll start off today.

The first two years of the Jose Rubio era in Barstow have been fruitful, as the Aztecs have a combined 17-8 record and made a run to the Eastern Division championship game in 2008. But the bulk of the contributors from the last two years have moved on, as 27 seniors depart from last year’s 7-4 team.

“I guess you could say we are rebuilding,” Rubio said. “On offense we return our quarterback and center basically, while on defense we lost our linebackers and defensive tackles. We’ll be young but we are excited to see what some of these guys can do.”
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