CIF-SS Semifinals predictions

I have not done that well in picking playoff games, but I will keep picking.

Here are this week’s picks for CIF-SS semifinal games.

Corona Centennial 49, Upland 35
Rancho Verde 21, Kaiser 14
Heritage 27, Colony 14
San Gorgonio 41, Norte Vista 21
Jurupa Hills 31, Western Christian 14
St. Margaret’s 22, Big Bear 20

Football playoff quarterfinals picks

I hadn’t recapped my picks the last two weeks, but I went 20-8 with one exact margin in Week 10 (Big Bear winning by 42 points) and 20-4 in the first week of the playoffs. That gives me a record of 287-74 with the margin exactly correct seven times.

Here are my CIF quarterfinals picks

Kaiser 21, Paloma Valley 17
Riverside Poly 35, Colony 28
Jurupa Hills 48, Shadow Hills 21
Western Christian 35, Santa Clara 24
Citrus Valley 28, Big Bear 24
Rim of the World 27, St. Margaret’s 19
San Gorgonio 48, Tahquitz 24
Oak Hills 42, Norte Vista 31
Citrus Hill 21, Apple Valley 10
Serrano 28, Moreno Valley 7
Norco 35, Rancho Cucamonga 31
Corona Santiago 31, Upland 28
Rio Hondo Prep 45, Excelsior 17

First-round playoff predictions

I’ve been a little under the weather this week, so I didn’t recap my picks or my record for picking last week. I will recap all of that after this week, I hope.

First round playoff picks

Moreno Valley Rancho Verde 28, Colton 20
Kaiser 28, Moreno Valley Canyon Springs 14
Paloma Valley 35, Chino 17
Summit 21, Riverside Poly 17
La Quinta 42, Chaffey 21

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My CIF-SS Inland and East Valley predictions

I feel much better about my Eastern Division picks than I do about these.

I had trouble figuring out to do with Rancho Cucamonga and Upland after Upland beat RC on Friday and some league champs (Charter Oak, Eisenhower) were ranked low or not in the top 10).

The East Valley was tough with Rim ranked No. 4 last week, won, but will go in as the Mountain Valley League’s No. 3 team.

Here is what I have

Los Osos (Baseline No. 4, at-large, 5-5) at No. 1 seed Vista Murrieta (Southwestern No. 1, 9-1); Corona Santiago (Big VIII No. 3, 5-5) at Eisenhower (CItrus Belt No. 1, 8-2); Chino Hills (Sierra No. 2, 7-3) at Rancho Cucamonga (Baseline No. 2, 9-1); Yucaipa (Citrus Belt No. 3, 6-4) at No. 4 seed Norco (Big VIII No. 2, 7-3); South Hills (Sierra No. 3, 5-5) at No. 3 seed Upland (Baseline No. 1, 7-3); Redlands East Valley (Citrus Belt No. 2, 5-5) at Chaparral (Southwestern No. 2, 7-3); Great Oak (Southwestern No. 3, 6-4) at Charter Oak (Sierra No. 1, 6-4); Etiwanda (Baseline No. 3, 6-4) at No. 2 seed Corona Centennial (Big VIII No. 1, 8-2).
Arrowhead Christian (Ambassador No. 4 at-large, 7-3) at No. 1 seed Jurupa Hills (Mountain Valley No. 1, 8-2); Shadow Hills (De Anza No. 2, 6-4) at Brethren Christian (Academy No. 2, 7-2); Twentynine Palms (De Anza No. 3, 4-6) at Santa Clara/Fillmore (Frontier No. 1, tie-break winner); Banning (Mountain Valley No. 4, at-large, 4-6) at No. 4 seed Western Christian (Ambassador No. 1, 10-0); Sage Hill (Academy No. 3, at-large, 5-5) at No. 3 Big Bear (De Anza No. 1, 8-2); Linfield Christian (Ambassador No. 2, 6-4) at Citrus Valley (Mountain Valley No. 2, 5-5); Rim of the World (Mountain Valley No. 3, 7-3) at Santa Clara/Fillmore (Frontier No. 2, tie-break loser); Ontario Christian (Ambassador No. 3, 6-4) at No 2. seed St. Margaret’s (Academy No. 1, 9-1).


Week 10 Prep football picks

Final week of the regular season, and I apologize for not making Thursday picks (By the way Victor Valley beat Silverado 13-10, Montclair beat Ontario 40-13 and Boron beat Excelsior 22-8). But I am making picks for Friday. Entering this week, I am 247-62 picking winners and have picked the winning team and winning margin exactly right 6 times.

Here we go:

Ontario Christian 38, Western Christian 35
Linfield Christian 21, Aquinas 10
Arrowhead Christian 40, Calvary Murrieta 14
Rancho Cucamonga 17, Upland 13
Los Osos 21, Etiwanda 20
Glendora 38, Alta Loma 17
Redlands East Valley 31, Eisenhower 27
Yucaipa 21, Redlands 16
Cajon 28, Miller 6
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Citrus Belt League football coin flip results

Entering this week, there are 2 different 3-way tie breaker scenarios for Citrus Belt League football, and here’s why Yucaipa will be rooting hard for Eisenhower.

First, the coin flips have already been conducted.

So if, REV beats Ike, REV is the No 1. and if Redlands also beats Yucaipa, there is no 3-way tie.  And it would be 1. REV, 2. Redlands, 3. Ike, 4. Yucaipa

But if REV and Yucaipa win, there would be a three-way tie for second with Yucaipa, Ike and Redlands.

Here are the results if that happens: 1. REV, 2. Redlands, 3. Ike, 4. Yucaipa, the same as above.

If Ike and Yucaipa win, then it would be no 3-way tie, and it would be 1. Ike, 2. REV, 3. Yucaipa, 4. Redlands.

If Ike and Redlands win, then it would be a 3-way tie for 1st, and the coin flip results would be: 1. Redlands, 2. Eisenhower, 3. REV.

So, the only way Yucaipa gets in is to win and have Eisenhower win. Thunderbirds will be rooting for Eagles, that’s for sure!


CIF-SS football playoff scenario outline

With this, the final week of the prep football regular season, I’d thought I’d take a look at the playoff scenarios in the various leagues

By Division, with each league’s guaranteed berths in parentheses

1 at-large berth available
Rancho Cucamonga and Upland play, with the winner going as the No. 1, the loser going as No. 2.
Etiwanda and Los Osos play, with the winner going as the No. 3, and the loser hoping for a wild-card.
Redlands East Valley (5-4, 4-0) is the only team guaranteed to be in, but the Wildcats could go as a No. 1, 2 or 3. Redlands (4-5, 3-1), Eisenhower (7-2, 3-1) and Yucaipa (5-4, 2-2) are vying for the final two automatic spots. If Eisenhower beats REV and Redlands beats Yucaipa, then it’s a 3-way tie for first. All 3 get in, and coin flips would break the tie. If REV beats Ike, then Redlands would be the No. 2 and Ike the No. 3 if Redlands beats Yucaipa. But if REV and Yucaipa win, then Redlands, Ike and Yucaipa would be tied for second, requiring a tie-breaker. If Ike and Yucaipa win, then Ike goes as the No. 1, REV as the No. 2, and Yucaipa as the No. 3.
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Week 9 Prep football predictions recap

For Week 9, I went 27-7, and got one margin exactly right, giving me 6 for the year in which I’ve had the right margin and the right winner.I said Jurupa HIlls would win 28-17 and the Spartans won 31-20.  It wasn’t as goot as the week before, when I missed only two games, going 26-2. I am now 247-62 for the season.

Games I missed in bold

Linfield Christian 27, Ontario Christian 20
Aquinas 17, Calvary Murrieta 7 (I incorrectly put Vista Murrieta in a previous post)
Western Christian 41, Arrowhead Christian 38
Upland 26, Etiwanda 19
Rancho Cucamonga 44, Alta Loma 7
Los Osos 27, Glendora 26
Redlands East Valley 45, Redlands 7
Yucaipa 35, Cajon 14
Eisenhower 40, MIller 7
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Week 9 Friday-Saturday prep football picks

After going 2-0 on Thursday, I am now 222-55 for the season picking winners.

Here are my picks for Friday and Saturday.

Friday’s games
Ambassador League
Aquinas 17, Vista Murrieta 13
Ontario Christian 31, Linfield Christian 14
Western Christian 42, Arrowhead Christian 28
Baseline League
Upland 27, Etiwanda 17
Citrus Belt League
Redlands East Valley 27, Redlands 21
Yucaipa 21, Cajon 14
Eisenhower 48, Miller 6
De Anza League
Twentynine Palms 28, Desert Mirage 7
Yucca Valley 31, Desert Hot Springs 20
Desert Mountain League
Desert 41, Riverside Prep 6
Silver Valley 49, Boron 37
Excelsior 28, Vasquez 20
Desert Sky League
Burroughs 35, Victor Valley 10
Silverado 48, Barstow 13
Mojave River League
Serrano 35, Hesperia 14
Oak Hills 42, Sultana 7
Mountain Valley League
Jurupa Hills 28, Rubidoux 17
Rim of the World 33, Citrus Valley 24
Mt. Baldy League
Colony 31, Chaffey 21
Chino 48, Garey 0
Ontario 27, Don Lugo 20
San Andreas League
San Gorgoniio 42, Carter 21
Arroyo Valley 28, San Bernardino 26
Rialto 49, Pacific 12
Sierra League
Charter Oak 42, Ayala 14
Chino Hills 45, Claremont 13
Sunkist League
Kaiser 28, Colton 21
Summit 36, Grand Terrace 22
Fontana 30, Bloomington 14
Apple Valley 48, Granite Hills 6
Xavier Prep 40, Indian Springs 20

Saturday’s Games
De Anza League
Big Bear 35, Shadow Hills 24