Eisenhower football playing plenty of freshmen

It’s been a rough year for the Eisenhower football team to say the least.
It was just two years ago that the Eagles won the second of back-to-back Citrus Belt League titles, but they are 1-7 this year and in last place in the Citrus Belt League.
Why are they struggling so much? Youth is a big part of it.
Coach Mike Clark said he played six freshmen in last week’s 67-0 loss to Carter.
This week against Yucaipa, Eisenhower will not just play, but start five freshmen, including three on the offensive line.
“We knew already we didn’t have a strong senior class. The freshmen are very eager and they’re bringing energy,” Clark said.

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Week 8 high school football predictions

You would think picking games would get easier as we know more about the teams, right? Well, last week was a terrible week for me for whatever reason, going 17-7. That brings my season record to 197-57, and I’ve correctly gotten the winning team and exact victory margin correct give times.

For what it’s worth, here are my picks for tonight week
Ambassador League
Arrowhead Christan at Ontario Christian
Ontario Christian, 31-20
Western Christian at Aquinas
Aquinas, 49-6
Linfield Christian vs. Riverside Notre Dame at RCC

Baseline League
Etiwanda at Damien
Etiwanda, 28-20
Rancho Cucamonga vs. Los Osos at Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga, 35-7
Upland at Chino Hills
Upland, 24-20

Citrus Belt League
Cajon vs. Redlands East Valley at Citrus Valley HS
REV, 38-14
Citrus Valley at Redlands
Redlands, 35-13
Eisenhower at Carter
Carter, 49-0
Miller at Yucaipa
Yucaipa, 42-10

De Anza League
Twentynine Palms at Desert Hot Springs
Twentynine Palms, 35-7
Yucca Valley at Rancho Mirage
Rancho Mirage, 28-10
Saturday’s game
Shadow Hills vs. Big Bear at Big Bear Middle School, 1:30 p.m.
Shadow Hills, 28-21

Desert Sky League
Silverado at Barstow
Silverado, 21-17
Victor Valley at Adelanto
Victor Valley, 35-7

Hacienda League
Charter Oak at Los Altos
Chino at West Covina
Chino, 28-14
Walnut at Diamond Ranch

Miramonte League
Pomona at Garey
Bassett at La Puente

Mt. Baldy League
Montclair at Chaffey
Chaffey, 35-7
Ontario at Don Lugo
Don Lugo, 42-20

Mojave River League
Burroughs at Apple Valley
Apple Valley, 21-17
Oak Hills at Sultana
Oak Hills, 28-17
Serrano at Hesperia
Serrano, 42-13

Mountain Valley League
Banning at Pacific
Banning, 35-6
San Bernardino at Vista del Lago
Vista del Lago, 49-21
Rubidoux at Moreno Valley

Palomares League
Claremont at Diamond Bar

San Andreas League
Rialto at Indian Springs
Indian Springs, 35-16
Rim of the World at Jurupa Hills
Rim of the World, 28-21
San Gorgonio at Arroyo Valley
San Gorgonio, 56-0

Sunkist League
Bloomington at Grand Terrace
Grand Terrace, 35-8
Fontana at Kaiser
Kaiser, 30-14
Summit at Colton
Summit, 42-12

Valle Vista League
Nogales at San Dimas
Wilson vs. Northview at Covina District Stadium
Covina at Rowland

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Week 7 high school football predictions

A very good week for me picking games last week, the first full week of league games. I went 29-4 picking winners, and got 2 more games exactly right for margin of victory. I predicted Aquinas would lose by 24 and Rancho Cucamonga would win by 21, giving me an overall record of 180-50 with 5 right for margin of victory.
I didn’t pick Thursday’s games, but here is Friday’s schedule and predictions:

Friday’s Games
Aquinas vs. Arrowhead Christian at Redlands HS
ACA, 28-24
Ontario Christian vs. Riverside Notre Dame at Riverside City College
Notre Dame 38-21
Western Christian at Linfield Christian
Linfield Christian, 56-0
Etiwanda at Los Osos
Etiwanda, 30-22
Upland at Damien
Upland, 45-28
Carter at Cajon
Cajon, 35-17
Redlands at Miller
Redlands, 48-14
Redlands East Valley at Eisenhower
REV, 56-0
Yucaipa at Citrus Valley
Yucaipa, 28-17
Yucca Valley at Shadow Hills
Shadow Hills, 24-20
Adelanto at Silverado
Silverado, 42-14
Victor Valley vs. Granite Hills at Apple Valley HS
Victor Valley, 42-10
Diamond Ranch at Charter Oak
Los Altos at Chino
Chino, 35-28
Ganesha at Pomona
Burroughs at Hesperia
Sultana at Serrano
Moreno Valley at Pacific
Moreno Valley, 49-7
San Bernardino at Banning
San Bernardino, 42-35
Alta Loma at Montclair
Alta Loma, 27-13
Chaffey at Don Lugo
Chaffey, 42-21
Ontario at Colony
Colony, 49-21
Ayala at Claremont
Claremont, 31-21
Diamond Bar vs. South Hills at Covina District Stadium
Glendora at Bonita
Arroyo Valley at Indian Springs
Indian Springs, 27-20
Jurupa Hills at Rialto
Jurupa Hills, 35-7
San Gorgonio at Rim of the World
San Gorgonio, 35-21
Colton at Fontana
Colton, 21-14
Grand Terrace at Kaiser
Kaiser, 42-24

Saturday’s Games
Twentynine Palms vs. Big Bear at Big Bear Middle School, 1:30 p.m.
29 Palms, 35-21
Garey at Bassett, 6 p.m.
Webb vs. Santa Clarita Christian at Canyon HS

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Friday’s high school football schedule/predictions

Here is Friday’s schedule of games and my predictions:
Last week, I went a pedestrian 17-7 and after going 3-0 on Thursday, I am 151-46 this season, with 3 games getting the exact winning margin.
I will include all Sun/Bulletin games in the schedule, but only predict San Bernardino County games

Friday’s Games
Aquinas at Linfield Christian
Prediction: Linfield Christian, 38-14
Ontario Christian at Western Christian
Prediction: Ontario Christian, 49-7
Chino Hills at Los Osos
Prediction: Chino Hills, 35-17
Rancho Cucamonga at Damien
Prediction: Rancho Cucamonga, 42-21
Upland vs. Etiwanda at Colony HS
Prediction: Upland, 38-14
Cajon at Yucaipa
Prediction: Cajon, 35-21
Carter at Citrus Valley
Prediction: Carter, 35-10
Redlands at Eisenhower
Prediction: Redlands, 49-6
Miller vs. Redlands East Valley at Redlands HS
Prediction: REV, 52-6
Shadow Hills vs. Twentynine Palms at Twentynine Palms JHS
Prediction: Twentynine Palms, 38-14
Desert Mirage at Yucca Valley
Prediction: Desert Mirage, 32-25
Vasquez at Silver Valley
Prediction: Vasquez, 36-20
Barstow at Victor Valley
Prediction: Barstow, 34-31
Chino at Charter Oak
Prediction: Charter Oak, 42-17
Diamond Ranch at West Covina
Bassett at Ganesha
Garey at La Puente
Hesperia at Apple Valley
Prediction: Apple Valley, 28-19
Serrano at Oak Hills
Prediction: Serrano, 35-17
Sultana at Ridgecrest Burroughs
Prediction: Sultana, 14-10
Pacific at Vista del Lago
Prediction: Vista Del Lago, 42-13
Rubidoux at San Bernardino
Prediction: Rubidoux, 35-14
Chaffey vs. Ontario at Montclair HS
Prediction: Chaffey, 35-7
Claremont at Bonita
Diamond Bar at Ayala
Prediction: Diamond Bar, 20-17
Arroyo Valley at Rim of the World
Prediction: Rim, 35-7
Indian Springs at Jurupa Hills
Prediction: Jurupa Hills, 33-14
Rialto at San Gorgonio
Prediction: San Gorgonio 49-6
Fontana at Bloomington
Prediction: Fontana, 21-14
Kaiser at Colton
Prediction: Kaiser, 49-14
Summit at Grand Terrace
Prediction: Summit, 41-16
Hacienda Heights Wilson at San Dimas
Riverside Prep vs. Fairmont Prep at Yorba Linda HS
Prediction: Fairmont Prep, 35-33
Hamilton vs. Excelsior at Victor Valley College
Prediction: Hamilton, 34-30

Saturday’s Games
Ambassador League
Riverside Notre Dame vs. Arrowhead Christian at Grand Terrace HS, 6 p.m.
Prediction: Notre Dame, 35-10

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CIF-SS proposes new playoff format with mixed opinions

CIF-SS Commissioner Rob Wigod proposed a new playoff format for many of its sports including football.
It would be playoff divisions by competitive equity and not by league.
For instance, a school such as defending state champion Redlands East Valley would likely be placed into a higher CIF-SS division than the other schools in the Citrus Belt League.
Cajon coach Nick Rogers is one of those coaches who likes the idea.
“I look at our league and four of the top 10 teams in CIF are in our league,” Rogers said. “Theoretically, the fourth team might not get in (the playoffs), but this would help. I think we’re in a strong league right now.”
Rogers said he feels for the Big VIII League, which is in the Pac-5 Division largely based on the success of Corona Centennial.
This would enable Corona Centennial to be in a higher division than some of the other schools.
“I couldn’t imagine being in that league, but we have REV, the top program around,” Rogers said. “I’d be all for it (the proposal).”
In the proposal, the previous two years of playoff data would be used to determine playoff divisions. Like it is now for basketball, divisions would be set prior to each season.
The problem for football is that brackets can only be 16 teams. Byes will be filled with an at-large process. In theory, four- and five-team leagues would get two guaranteed entries, leagues of 6-8 teams would be guaranteed three, while leagues of nine or more would get four.
But, if more than 16 teams qualify in a division, via the “guaranteed” process, then teams would have to be cut using the same at-large criteria used to fill byes. So guaranteed entries would be a misnomer.
Serrano coach Ray Maholchic is one coach who doesn’t like the idea.
“We focus on trying to win league,” he said. “When you win league, you’re accomplishing something, you should be rewarded. With competitive equity, it’s almost like you’re punishing teams that are winning … or you’re rewarding teams that have mediocrity.”
Maholchic also said many playoff opponents have developed rivalries, and that would be gone under a new format.

My take: I”m not sure if this is a good idea for football. It might be good for other sports, but football is already the No. 1 component in releaguing. And schools should know whether they are automatically in the playoffs before it comes to the committee. Does third place get in or not? I think in many sports, it’s a good idea. But in football, I’d say no.

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