Citrus Valley expecting year two jump

The best part of Citrus Valley’s inaugural season, in which the Blackhawks went 2-8 with a team of freshman and sophomores, is the fact that it its over according to Peter Smolin. As the Blackhawks head into year two, Smolin is confident that the worst of the building process is behind them.

“We feel that the gray clouds are behind us,” Smolin said. “It was a lot of work establishing a program and a culture in a tough year on the field and we really think that’s going to pay off this year. Everyone is back and there’s a lot of excitement right now.”

Citrus Valley is also excited about its new league, as it goes from a freelance schedule to the Mountain Valley League. The MVL is a hodge-podge of different sorts of schools, with Rim of the World, Riverside Notre Dame, Banning, Rubidoux and brand-new Jurupa Hills High School in Fontana forming a peculiar combination. But its a combination that the Blackhawks feel they can take advantage of right away.
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