Almost kickoff

I published my first entry a little late – must be having pre-game jitters of my own. Anyway, the national anthem was just sung by some Upland student and the teams are about to do the coin flip.

The student doing the national anthem had a good voice, but she seemed to miss a line near the end. We’ll see if that’s karma for the Highlanders. Kickoff to come in about 5 minutes.

Crowd is kind of sparse, leaving Lou Brewster to chime in with a quote from former Riverside Poly coach Mike Churchill – “Got to wait until cocktail hour is over before they show up.”

Well, Grizzly and Highlander fans, its time to start chugging, as this one is about to get going.

20 minutes until Los Osos-Upland

Just got situated here at Citrus College, where it’s perfect football weather – if you are from the Midwest. Its about 50 degrees with a light mist/fog and you can see your breath. I like seeing my breath, so its all good – though I wish I had remembered that Citrus had an open-air press box.

Anyway, according to esteemed colleague and boss Louis Brewster, there was a mini-trashtalk brouhaha at midfield between the two teams about 20 minutes ago. No punches or pushes – just good, old-fashioned woofing for a good old-fashioned Baseline League game.