Week 7 prep football predictions recap

After missing only three games in Week 6, I had a much tougher week in for Week 7.

In Week 7, I went 22-7, and I am now 194-53 picking winners of San Bernardino County football games this season. I have gotten the margin (and winner) exactly right 5 times. This week, I correctly predicted Colton would beat Bloomington by 29 points.

The scorelist of last weekend’s San Bernardino County games is below. I realize I hadn’t been doing this, but I will put in bold the games I got wrong. Of course, you can always check my posts for past predictions:

Thursday’s and Friday’s scores
Western Christian 46, Aquinas 17
Ontario Christian 35, Arrowhead Christian 13
Etiwanda 47, Alta Loma 17
Rancho Cucamonga 37, Glendora 9
Upland 27, Los Osos 10

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Thursday’s prep football scores, Friday’s predictions

Recap of Thursday’s scores:
Etiwanda 47, Alta Loma 17
Redlands 45, Miller 0
RIdgecrest Burroughs 28, Granite HIlls 14
PREDICTIONS of Friday’s Games
Western Christian 27, Aquinas 10
Ontario Christian 31, Arrowhead Christian 17
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Football league predictions, then and now

OK, here we go, as all the remaining football leagues in the area start league play this week.

I will revisit my predictions in all the leagues. I predicted at the beginning of the season, and revising my predictions from what I know after 5 games.

Before the season prediction
1. Ontario Chrisitan, 2. Aquinas, 3. LInfield Christian, 4. Calvary Murrieta, 5. Western Christian, 6. Arrowhead Christian.
Prediction now
1. Ontario Christian, 2. Western Christian, 3. Arrowhead Christian, 4. LInfield Christian, 5. Aquinas, 6. Calvary Murrieta.
Why the change: Western and ACA are better than expected, both at 5-0, but I don’t think they can knock off the experience of Ontario Christian.
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Friday’s and Saturday’s prep football predictions

I am pretty proud of my prediction record so far this year: 129-36, and three times I have gotten the margin (but not the score) exactly right. The games really get tougher from here on out as we have the last week were the majority of teams play nonleague games. By next week, all leagues are in full swing.

With no San Bernardino County games on Thursday, here are predictions for Friday’s games:

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Predictions for Friday’s and Saturday’s football games

With no San Bernardino County games on Thursday this week, I waited until today to make all of my picks. As a reminder, I am 103-29 picking winners this year and have gotten one margin exactly correct.

Predictions of Friday’s games
Alta Loma 41, Grand Terrace 33
Apple Valley 21, Ridgecrest Burroughs 17
Aquinas 27, Riverside Notre Dame 21
Arrowhead Christian 42, Crean Lutheran 0

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Friday’s football scores and predictions recap

Friday’s prep football scores, and ┬árecap of my predictions. I went 22-9 on Friday night and am 103-29 picking winners this year. This week, I picked one margins right (first of the year) with the winning team AND the winning margin: I said Arrowhead Christian would win by 8. I have yet to get a score exactly right, however.

Here are Friday’s scores for San Bernardino County teams. I will attempt to update with the handful of Saturday games we have going on.

Friday’s Results
Apple Valley 13, Victor Valley 6
Arrowhead Christian 28, Ribet Academy 20

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Thursday’s scores, Friday’s predictions

Here are Thursday’s actual scores, and Friday’s predictions. I went 4-0 on Thursday picking winners and am 81-20 picking winners so far this season, although I am still looking to get a score or a margin exactly right.

Thursday’s scores
Riverside Poly 34, Kaiser 3
Serrano 77, Adelanto 0
Alta Loma 41, Ontario 6
Chaffey 28, Bloomington 0

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Thursday’s prep football predictions

Here are my predictions for Thursday’s San Bernardino County games, I will put up Friday’s predictions late Thursday or early Friday. I will be at Kaiser-Riverside Poly, so follow me on twitter at @PeteMarshallLaw for updates.

Thursday’s game predictions:
Alta Loma 38, Ontario 7
Chaffey 34, Bloomington 8
Riverside Poly 35, Kaiser 28
Serrano 56, Adelanto 6