Cross country finals: San Andreas League, Citrus Belt League results

Saturday’s Results
At Yucaipa HS
Team results: Yucaipa 18, Redlands 62, Cajon 76, Redlands East Valley 86, Eisenhower 146
Individual results: 1. Kris Mazich (Y) 16:01.2, 2. Andrew Humphries (Y) 16:05.6, 3. Justin Doyle (C) 16:11.6, 4. Alex Gordon (Y) 16:15.8, 5. Timothy Cruz (Y) 16:18.4, 6. Thomas Durham (Y) 16:19.8, 7. Manuel Madrid (Y) 16:26.7, 8. Xolan Brown (R) 16:28.0, 9. Garrett Dycus (Y) 16:28.6, 10. David Hughes (REV) 16:29.5, 11. Steven Gonzalez (R) 16:33.0, 12. Andrew Wilson (R) 17:02.4, 13. Julian Vera (C) 17:05.7, 14. Eric Lopez (REV) 17:10.7, 15. Gio Guerrero (R) 17:18.2, 16. Brad Rose (R) 17:19.1, 17. Gage Hale (C) 17:21.4, 18. Parker Dusick (REV) 17:29.3, 19. Karl Pyka (REV) 17:35.3, 20. Maurice Terry (E) 17:43.7, 21. Apollo Santos (C) 17:44.8, 22. Kyle Batey (C) 17:46.1, 23. Josh Rodriquez-Irons (C) 17:49.8, 24. Brandon Jacobs (R) 17:51.2, 25. George Lindfelt (REV) 17:59.7, 26. Jesus Soto (C) 18:12.2, 27. Garrett Nichol (REV) 18:18.2, 28. Taylor Davis (REV) 18:36.6, 29. Cody Bailey (R) 18:41.1, 30. Gerardo Rodriguez (E) 18:56.7, 31. Roberto Isiorda (E) 18:58.2, 32. Kosmer Romero (E) 19:04.3, 33. Ismael Hernandez (E) 20:22.1, 34. Ivan Perez (E) 21:04.3, 35. Miguel Vargas (E) 21:25.3.
At Pacific HS
Team results: San Gorgonio 29, Pacific 47, Carter 49, San Bernardino 116, Arroyo Valley 136, Rialto 165.
Individual results: 1. Moises Rodriguez (C) 16:33, 2. Robert Blanco (SG) 16:40, 3. Luis Arreola (P) 16:43, 4. Ryan Rittenhouse (SG) 16:58, 5. Pablo Torres (SG) 17:01, 6. Javin Singer (P) 17:07, 7. Gabriel Toscano (C) 17:12, 8. Abraham Rebollar (SG) 17:19, 9. Jesus Hernandez (P) 17:24, 10. Chris Cervantes (SG) 17:27, 11. Giovanni Rivera (SB) 17:29, 12. Hector Ruiz (C) 17:30, 13. Brandon Bernardo (C) 17:37, 14. Erick Jimenez (P) 17:59, 15. Randal Bugarin (P) 18:01, 16. Fernando Bolanos (C) 18:03, 17. Robert Ramos (C) 18:03, 18. Manuel Camps (P) 18:09, 19. Lorenzo Varela (SG) 18:17, 20. Anthony Lopez (SG) 18:22, 21. Ryne Calderilla (AV) 18:32, 22. Jimmy Vasquez (SB) 18:38, 23. Noe Ocequeda (SB) 19:00, 24. Abimelic Vargas (R) 19:01, 25. Jose Banuelos (AV) 19:02, 26. Tim Torres (R) 19:14, 27. Jeff Waldron (AV) 19:14, 28. Jacob Concha (P) 19:20, 29. David Ledesma (SB) 19:22, 30. Manuel Cardoso (AV) 19:23, 31. Alberto Garcia (SB) 19:27, 32. Jorge Mendez (SB) 19:28, 33. Erik Ramirez (AV) 19:32, 34. Juan Rodriguez (AV) 19:34, 35. Curtis Babin (C) 19:52, 36. Sergio Nunez (R) 20:08, 37. Gerardo Diaz (SB) 20:16, 38. Jeff Mejia (AV) 20:32, 39. Andres Cardona (R) 20:58, 40. Octavio Ramirez (R) 22:38.

Saturday’s Results
At Yucaipa HS
Team results: Yucaipa 17, Redlands 55, Redlands East Valley 86, Cajon 89, Eisenhower 155
Individual results: 1. Tori Dutchover (Y) 17:53.2, 2. Justine Jackson (Y) 18:35.2, 3. Jessica Aguilar (Y) 18:43.7, 4. Samantha Poliakon (C) 18:46.8, 5. Kalin Tomlinson (Y) 18:53.1, 6. Kendai Davis (Y) 18:55.1, 7. Hailee Hettrick (R) 19:00.9, 8. Allison Crowley (R) 19:03.5, 9. Sydney Vollhardt (Y) 19:05.9, 10. Anahi Soriano (Y) 19:13.3, 11. Claire Crowley (R) 19:16.7, 12. Alexandra Evans (REV) 19:23.7, 13. Annie Wilshire (REV) 19:28.9, 14. Justine Jacobs (R) 19:41.3, 15. Abigail Daniels (R) 19:55.0, 16. Kaitlin Quaid (R) 19:58.1, 17. Symone Booker (C) 19:59.1, 18. Lauren Zabaleta (R) 20:11.8, 19. Kalie Hanson-Campa (REV) 20:26.4, 20. Alyssa Hebb (REV) 20:34.9, 21. Angie Huerta (C) 20:47.3, 22. Kylie Guerrero (REV) 21:09.3, 23. Annisa Hale (C) 21:24.8, 24. Katrina Murdoch (C) 21:40.4, 25. Yulissa Mendoza (C) 21:41.5, 26. Hope Caloca-Manuel (C) 21:49.8, 27. Mackenzie Brown (REV) 22:01.0, 28. Zofia Fraczek (REV) 22:46.8, 29. Mysha Ross (E) 24:12.6, 30. Maria Juarez (E) 24:34.9, 31. Julissa Perez (E) 25:47.3, 32. Marisol Romero (E) 28:22.0, 33. Nancy Palmerin (E) 28:23.1, 34. Denise Elizarraras (E) 28:23.5.
At Pacific HS
Team results: Pacific 33, San Gorgonio 49, Rialto 79, Carter 84, San Bernardino 122, Arroyo Valley 147
Individual results: 1. Gabby Maldonado (P) 19:24, 2. Elizabeth Palma (P) 19:42, 3. Cynthia Rivera (SG) 20:05, 4. Daniela Palma (P) 20:08, 5. Stephanie Vasquez (R) 20:15, 6. Tiffany Garcia (P) 20:20, 7. Isi Ybarra (SG) 20:30, 8. Sarah Feliz (C) 20:51, 9. Jazmin Pettus (C) 21:15, 10. Ashley Meneses (R) 21:25, 11. Kelli Sanchez (AV) 21:25, 12. Karina Varela (SG) 21:27, 13. Dennise Flores (SG) 21:32, 14. Ariana Rivera (SG) 21:34, 15. Stephanie Sandoval (R) 21:36, 16. Ruth Villarreal (SB) 22:04, 17. Brianda Chavez (SB) 22:07, 18. Melissa Morales (C) 22:10, 19. Vanessa Varela (SG) 22:33, 20. Maria Cazarez (P) 22:39, 21. Yantza Lopez (P) 22:44, 22. Daniella Perez (C) 22:48, 23. Felicia Komiyama (R) 22:49, 24. Danielle Hicks (P) 23:00, 25. Judy Luu (SG) 23:26, 26. Julibeth Guido (R) 23:44, 27. Angie DeLeon (C) 23:53, 28. Crystal Mendez (SB) 24:00, 29. Guadalupe Vargas (SB) 24:03, 30. Gloria Marin (AV) 24:27, 31. Jessica Hernandez (C) 24:56, 32. Andrea Vasquez (SB) 25:17, 33. Karla Pahua (AV) 25:23, 34. Suni Hopkins (SB) 25:30, 35. Kimberly Meza (R) 25:38, 36. Silvia Gomez (AV) 25:51, 37. Jennifer Miguel (AV) 25:53, 38. Leslie Valenzuela (SB) 25:58, 39. Jasmine Figueroa (AV) 26:06, 40. Frances Feliz (C) 26:07.

All-Citrus Belt League baseball team

Most Valuable Player: Kevin Davidson, Sr. Yucaipa

First Team
Leonard Malfavon- Yucaipa
Tyler Sapp- Yucaipa
Jackson McClelland- REV
George Thanopoulos- REV
Angel Landazuri- Redlands
Kavan Pardo- Redlands
Sean Smith- Redlands
Anthony Ayala- Fontana
Justin Lewis- Yucaipa
Alec Mordbito- Yucaipa
Frankie Alvarez- REV
Joseph Molina- REV
Matt Wilson- REV
Jacob Nottingham- Redlands
Brian Ruhm- Redlands
Luis Martinez- Eisenhower
Tyler Campbell- AB Miller

County clash set for Saturday

The 15th Annual County Clash will take place Saturday at Arrowhead Credit Union Park in San Bernardino with a baseball tripleheader starting at 1 p.m.

Arroyo Valley and Carter start the day at 1 p.m., with crosstown rivals Cajon and San Gorgonio playing at 4 p.m. and Citrus Belt League foes Fontana and Yucaipa facing off in the nightcap at 7 p.m. Tickets for the event are $4 and can either be purchased at Arrowhead Credit Union Park or at each participating school. For more information contact Sam Farber at (909) 495-7632 or at

REV wins CBL, Miller eliminated

Redlands East Valley (8-2, 5-0) defeated Miller 21-7 tonight to win its second straight CBL title. The Rebels (5-5, 3-2), who could have gotten first with a victory, were eliminated from the playoffs outright, as they lost a three-way coin flip between Redlands – which defeated Fontana 45-0 – and Yucaipa, which took out Eisenhower 51-13. Redlands (7-2-1, 3-2) will get the second seed out of the league while the Thunderbirds (6-4, 3-2) will be the No. 3 team.

CIF-SS cross country prelim heat sheets released

If you love cross country — and I’m sure there are many of you who do – Mt. San Antonio College is the place to be the next two Saturdays, Nov. 13 and 20.
The CIF-SS released the heat sheets for the CIF Prelims Nov. 13. In all, there will be 33 races, beginning at 7:45 a.m. and the last one beginning at 4:05 p.m. There will be a county team or individual competing in 31 of 33 races. It was also announced on Saturday that the Aquinas and Western Christian boys teams were selected as at-large teams in Division 5 based on their rankings.

Here are some races to keep an eye on:
Race 5, Boys Division 2, 8:43 a.m.
Ayala and Sultana, two schools better known for their girls teams, also have solid boys teams in search of the CIF Finals.
Race 24, Boys Division 1, 2:06 p.m.
Former Citrus Belt League rivals Rialto and Redlands East Valley will battle. Rialto won the San Andreas League this year, while REV was a close second to Yucaipa in the CBL.
Race 26, Boys Division 1, 2:33 p.m.
This one has five county teams in it. State ranked Rancho Cucamonga is there, as is CBL champion and defending state qualifier Yucaipa. Redlands, third in the CBL is there as is Chaffey, Upland and Christian Navarro of Los Osos.
Race 31, Girls Division 1, 3:38 p.m.
Two of the top teams in the county, Rancho Cucamonga and Redlands will be represented as will Los Osos and Rialto.

Yucaipa hires Price as head football coach

The Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified School District approved the hire of former Granite Hills head football coach Justin Price to coach the Yucaipa High School football team Tuesday.

Price, who led Granite Hills to a school-record six victories this past season, interviewed for the job Friday and was offered the job Monday, which he accepted in a heartbeat.

“I’m very excited about continuing the tradition at Yucaipa High School,” said Price, who was 8-12 in two seasons with the Cougars. “With all the new high schools in California, its rare to find a one-high school town like Yucaipa has. I’m looking forward to working with the players, the parents and the whole community.”

Price was a late-comer to the job, which has been advertised since John Hallenbeck was removed in early February. In fact, he drove down to Yucaipa the day before the ad for the job closed after receiving a layoff notice from his special ed teaching job at Granite Hills.

“I was reading blogs on the internet and saw that the Yucaipa job was still open,” Price said. “I thought it was a great opportunity, so I drove down there, handed them my resume and interviewed this past Friday. I felt that there wasn’t much importance being placed on keeping me around (at Granite Hills) and wanted to go somewhere where the high school football coach was valued.”

Yucaipa High School also had a job opening for a special education teacher, which is what Price teaches. With that solved, it was a pretty easy decision for Yucaipa athletic director Mark Anderson.

“I like the attitude and the presence that Justin brings,” Anderson said. “He’s a good young coach who is eager to come in and be part of this community. I thought he was the right fit right away and once I knew that we had a teaching job open for him, it was an easy decision.”

Price and the Thunderbirds, who went 5-5 this past season to finish fifth in the Citrus Belt League after three consecutive playoff appearances, will start spring practice next month.

County clash set for Saturday

The 14th annual County Clash will take place Saturday at Arrowhead Credit Union Park with a baseball tripleheader starting at 1 p.m.

Colton and San Bernardino will start things off with a San Andreas League game at 1 p.m. and will be followed by two Citrus Belt League clashes — Eisenhower vs. Redlands East Valley at 4 and Carter vs. Yucaipa at 7. Tickets can be purchased at the schools or at the 66ers’ box office on Saturday.

This is the first of two County Clashes, with another one set to take place May 8.

Colton, Yucaipa coaching searches in bit of a holding pattern

The search for new football coaches at Colton and Yucaipa High Schools are in a bit of a holding pattern as the schools approach their upcoming spring breaks.

Colton, which is replacing Harold Strauss — who was bumped up to athletic director over the summer — hoped to have Strauss’ successor picked by now, but logistical concerns within the school district has pushed the timetable back a bit.

“We are waiting for the district to give us approval to go ahead with the interviews,” Strauss said. “We have 7-10 guys that we will probably choose from, but we just are waiting for the school district to give the go-ahead before we proceed further.
“I just hope we get it done soon. We aren’t that far away from spring practice and if we bring in a coach from the outside, we’ll need that time to learn the new system.”

Yucaipa’s search to replace John Hallenbeck, who was let go last month after two years on the job, isn’t quite as far along, as athletic director Mark Anderson is still accepting applications for the position.

“Right now, we are considering the position as ‘open until filled,’” Anderson said. “We don’t want to put a time limit on applications because with this economy, you don’t want to shut anyone out. We have a good job here and we want to make sure we get the best candidates possible.”

Anderson added that he expected to have a better idea of what direction Yucaipa would go in toward the end of the month.

Citrus Belt League playoff breakdown

This league is pretty easy, as the top two teams are playing for No. 1 and there are two teams playing for No. 4.

1) Redlands East Valley (9-0, 6-0): Receives the CBL’s No. 1 seed – and likely the No. 1 seed in the Inland Division – with a victory over Redlands Friday. Gets the No. 2 seed in a loss.

2) Redlands (8-1, 6-0): Receives the CBL’s No. 1 seed with a win over Redlands East Valley and the No. 2 seed with a loss. Will likely get a first-round home playoff game either way.

3) Miller (4-5, 4-2): Clinched the No. 3 seed in the CBL no matter what it does thanks to a head-to-head tiebreaker advantage over the Carter-Yucaipa winner.

4) Yucaipa (5-4, 3-3): Clinches the No. 4 seed out of the CBL with a win over Carter Friday. Likely eliminated with a loss, as the at-large bit is expected to come out of the Southwestern League.

5) Carter (4-5, 3-3): Clinches the No. 4 seed out of the CBL with a win over Yucaipa Friday. 99% eliminated with a loss.

6) Fontana (3-6, 1-5): Eliminated from playoff consideration.

7) Eisenhower (1-8, 1-5): Eliminated from playoff consideration.

8) Rialto (0-9, 0-6): Eliminated from playoff consideration.

Yucaipa duo to sign

Its not a Fall Signing Period without some input from the Yucaipa baseball team, which will have two players signing this week. First baseman Wyatt Padgett will sign with BYU while outfielder Brian Derryberry will sign with UC Riverside at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, according to a voicemail I received from YHS athletic director Mark Anderson.

Any other coaches, athletic directors or parents who have athletes signing with Division I schools this week should e-mail me at or comment on this blog. We don’t want to miss anyone.