VIDEOS: Cajon’s Kayla Washington, Mark Lehman talk about Wednesday’s win

Cajon 6-foot junior Kayla Washington, above, had 39 points and 28 rebounds (although Cajon had her for 35 rebounds) and I believe four blocked shots. She was impressive. She owned the boards, despite the fact that Torrey Pines has a 6-3 junior in Sierra Campisano. Washington is a much better rebounder than Campisano and while Cajon made Campisano work for her 26 points, Torrey Pines couldn’t get a body on Washington.

Seldom have I seen coach Mark Lehman above, as happy with a performance (in a game I covered) as he was on Wednesday. He still wasn’t completely satisfied with the defense on Campisano. He felt his team didn’t deny her the ball enough. But Washington’s play as well as the play of Tyla and Tyra Turner made for an impressive 81-51 victory.


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