Justice still biggest issue in County

The previous is a link to my editorial, “No Justice in System,” published last summer, that won Best Editorial for newspapers of under 100,000 in the Greater Los Angeles Press Club for 2006.

My thoughts:
The release of violent criminals back into the streets are the No. 1 problem in Los Angeles County. This is related to a similar issue, the fleeing of murder, rape and violent crime suspects to Mexico. And the inability of the U.S. authorities to find these fugitives and bring them to justice. It is literally “getting away with murder.”

What are your thoughts on these two related issues?

From The Editor’s Desk, Sat July 1: “Putting on a Show”

World Cup
I had some fun with World Cup soccer in my column…. “Putting on a show.” But I really love the sport. I used to play in high school and I even played with a guy, Sandy Vitello, who was Italian, as in from Italy. He was suberb, needless to say way better than I was.
Recenly, as a Dad, I’ve watched my two boys play AYSO soccer. Sure, there are some klunker games, but mostly, every game was fun and exciting to watch. I remember my older son, Matt, playing last year as a 15-year-old, going to Sectionals in Riverside and his team coming in fourth place. That was fantastic soccer.

Where we live in Temple City, it seems like every other family buys the fireworks (safe and sane or legal ones) from the local stand. On the night of July 4, we usually go walking up and down the neighborhood streets, watching everyone light off fireworks. It is a special night. As long as it is done under adult supervision, it can be a fun, memorable activity.
Here’s to a safe Fourth to all!

Big Santa Anita Canyon (June 2006)


Entering Big Santa Anita Canyon is like walking into your own private Shangri-La.

Even on a hot day, the hike is cool. Most is protected by shade canopies of oaks and alders.


My first glimpse of nirvana — Sturtevant Falls


Love these violet wildflowers. I’m sure they were thicker and more plentiful in April and May, before the heat came. But of course, the road was not open then. Darn Forest Service!


I call this my Indiana Jones photo. It looks like a cave or a tomb but it is really one of those ancient cabins that dot Big Santa Anita Canyon’s floor. Lucky folks who live there. While on the hike, I saw some folks cleaning out their cabin.


More Sturtevant Falls…

You don’t have to go to Hawaii or travel to the topics to see great waterfalls.


I haven’t looked it up. Anyone know what these are called? I call them wild daffodils. Using my cheap digital Olympus camera with the small telephoto lens, I shot this image. I used a flash, which made the background black.