Paintings of Pollock?

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A look at “Revelation 1” the largest painting of 17 attributed to Jackson Pollock which were on display at APU’s Duke Gallery.

AZUSA – The folks at Azusa Pacific University may have achieved what they wanted. A lot of publicity.

When I visited the gallery to see the paintings potentially done by Jackson Pollock last weekend, there were two men there who were asking a lot of questions. Both were interested in learning more about the largest canvas, the one in the photograph at the top of this entry. They wanted to see the back of the painting, to see if the paint had bled through. They wanted to hold the canvas up to a light source. They even wanted to know how the painting got its title.

I’m hearing that the university has had offers to buy the paintings. That could generate millions for the university, since the owner is willing to donate some of the proceeds from a sale. The last authenticated Pollock sold for $140 million.

Of course, these have not been authenticated. And therein lies the rub.
The university’s newspaper, The Clause, quoted APU Executive Vice President David Bixby as saying: “there is a significant difference in the price of paintings attributed to Pollock — millions of dollars difference.”

It’s too bad that the paintings could not or have not been tested. The university exhibit included a letter from a University of Oregon scientist who studied the fractal patterns of this works verses other Pollocks. He said they resemble those of the 20th centurty abstract expressionist.

Bixby was quoted as saying “There is growing evidence that these are, in fact, Pollock’s … the evidence is very compelling.”

It will be interesting to see what kind of price these paintings are sold for. Of course, let the buyer beware.

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