Kids rule!

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If today’s presidential election was determined by children, Barack Obama would be the winner.

That according to Studies Weekly/Woogi World, makers of children’s textbooks and kid-friendly Internet tools, who conduted a poll of the nation’s school kids in all 50 states.

The kids picked Obama over Republican John McCain by a vote of 473,919 to 333,092.

The kids who voted were between the ages of 6 and 12.

“This is a significant sampling of children’s opinions across the country. We had high student participation in all 50 states in the country” said Ed Rickers, President of Studies Weekly.

Well, good for them. Nothing like starting them on a hands-on course on democracy early. Next on the kids agenda will be a vote on playground equipment, followed by a survey on homework and schoolyard bullies. (I made that last part up).

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1 thought on “Kids rule!

  1. Steve, of course kids in a school setting will endorse the democrat. The entire school buerocracy, from k-12 thru graduate schools, is almost 100% liberal in philosophy. Only in the physical sciences in college will you find any significant percentages of conservatives. And as we have seen and heard regularly over many years, teachers at every level have been propagandizing for the left candidate and left positions. Add the well documented (by valid, statistically significant studies of attitudes of media and newspaper guys like yourself) mainsteam media bias, and these attitudes are what you will always get.

    Your cheery “Nothing like starting them on a hands-on course on democracy early” is scary considering what goes on in classrooms today. Seriously Steve, why should a teacher’s union support something like Prop 8? Teaching democracy and American values, exceptionalism, yes; teaching a leftwing view to our kids as orthodoxy, no!

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