Talking bout an inauguration

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Toasting the 44th president

Some people I spoke to, or spoke to me, about the day when in our country, we transfer power. Well, technically it is only one-third power. But you know how powerful the president has gotten lately, says George Will in tomorrow’s newspaper. But I digress.

Ralph Walker, he of Covina, he of the cable talk show in Monrovia, celebrated two years of standing on Myrtle Avenue during the Friday Night Street Fair hawking Obama, phoned from the mall in D.C. He told our reporter Nathan McIntyre aside from feeling like “sardines in a can” everyone was quite joyous.

His phone message to me was something more philosophical. Quoting Obama, he said: “Dust yourself off Americans. Stand up! Stand tall again!” Get off your asses America,” that last part was his interpretation of the new president’s message.

He also told our reporter: “People were very relieved — like a burden had been lifted off their shoulders … But they know the wheel of change has to be turned by all of us, not just a few.”

Said Altadena historian and member of the Altadena Town Council, Michelle Zack:
“I don’t want anyone to feel like I felt during these past eight years (under George W. Bush) — totally disenfranchised. No one should feel that way today.”

She and I agreed that Democrats should not begin the revenge game or the “it’s our time game.” But instead, should work toward making others feel included in the political process.

Like why bash Rick Warren, when he has done a great deal in convincing otherwise complacent evangelicals to “help their lesser brothers and sisters” in Africa, etc. If Barack could gather the energy and volunteers from the traditional left and from the evangelical right, that would be a force of people working together to solve America’s problems.

Isn’t that the message Obama has been preaching?

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