Cal Spas adapts to changing market

We are mired in a volatile economy – a financial morass that has seen many companies struggle to stay afloat while others have gone under.

For many businesses, it’s become a make-or-break situation. Cal Spas in Pomona was by no means on the ropes. But the company did opt to be proactive by coming up with a new Genesis line of spas that they’re selling for much less.

 “The average price for a spa is $7,999, but these will go for $2,999 to $3,499,” says Shiva Noble, the company’s executive vice president. “They still give you hydrotherapy and warm water therapy, but they are much more affordable to purchase.”

This is the kind of re-tooling businesses need to be doing. Because in most cases, customers aren’t going to be walking into a business saying, “Look Marge – a high-priced bedroom set. Let’s get it. I really want to spend lots of money.”

No, the conversation will more likely go something like this: “This is way too much money, and we just don’t have it. Let’s go somewhere else … unless they have something cheaper here …”

In Cal Spa’s case, they do.

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