Fighting dogs

A federal grand jury indicted quarterback Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick on dog fighting allegations.

. Obviously there are no direct links to the San Gabriel Valley here, but of interest is the proliferation of pro athletes who find themselves in hot water with the authorities time and time again. An interesting book on the criminal subculture of the NFL, titled Pros and Cons was published in the 1990s.

Interestingly, the LAPD reported a dog fighting arrest earlier this year.
By the way, the federal grand jury indictment does call to mind the troubles of Darryl Henley. A former prep star at Damien High School turned dope dealer while playing for the Los Angeles Rams. Henley is now a federal prisoner.

Also interesting is the Lawrence Phillips story — Baldwin Park prep star turned criminal, and still awaiting sentencing in his latest criminal exploit.

Finally, don’t know about dog fighting, but cockfighting used to be big business locally. Several busts in Irwindale and Azusa in the mid 1990s made headlines.

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  • AP

    My favorite troubled NFL star is Earl Ferrell.

    He even has a fan club!

  • Jon Taylor

    I love the Ferrell Myspace tribute page and above all, I love Earl Ferrell.