The 211 Freeway

Local bank robbery specialists are warning their clients that the recently opened extension of the Foothill (210) Freeway might be more aptly named the California Penal Code 211 Freeway, as it will give bank robbers in the San Gabriel Valley a fast moving road to make their getaways east.

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  • AP

    That’s true. The Hollywood Video in Pasadena over by Michillinda (sp) Ave & Foothill always closes earlier than other HV’s because it’s right next to the freeway and used to get robbed a lot.

    God bless California.

  • frazgo

    Stuff like this just can’t be made up. The funny part is that its only fast a few hours of the day. After dark is another issue but then again the banks and stuff will be closed.

  • KP

    That Hollywood Video went out of business. Robbed too many times, maybe?