Double murder in Pasadena

Apparently an argument led to a fist fight which led to a shooting which led to the deaths of two men early Friday morning in the 1500 block of Navarro. Don’t know if its gang related yet. Detectives are actively pursuing leads in the case this a.m.

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    I renctley moved from pasadena to get away from all of the nosence there.When I come back to visit I see the same dummies hanging out.We really can’t knock the police.I blame the parents.We have had so many diffrent murders there since november 2006 ,im losing count.I’m a 22 year old young woman from the streets and if you people want change you have to make a change with in your self and STOP this violence im tired of hearing about it!

  • AP

    If anyone wants to see what senseless crime and violence does to a city, look at what’s happened/happening to St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Mike

    These things come and go. In the early 80’s and late 70’s it was WORSE in Pasadena, if you can believe that. One year (I think it was 1980) had about 40 homicides.