Pasadena and the Halloween Homicides

Looks like the Times topped a planned weekender on Pasadena violence with news of the double homicide that occurred Friday morning. There are also some references to how Pasadena changed after the 1993 Halloween Homicides. One of the best takes on how the triple murder of three innocent teens changed Pasadena was done by the AP’s Deborah Hastings following the 1996 death penalty verdict in the case.
We alluded to the case here
I’m going to write more on the Halloween Homicides during the week.

The reminder the case might serve to Pasadena residents can’t be summed up glibly in a sentence or two. Those evil times and evil deeds need to be revisited. Perhaps then some sense will return to the Crown City.

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  • AP

    Not even being an original resident of Pasadena, I know of the Halloween Murders.

    Like I said, I hope this doesn’t happen – but I’m predicting a gang related shooting at the Paseo or in Old Town and then people in Pasadena will be like “oh my god! We have a problem”.

    Sad but true.

  • Debra Morris

    I need to know the names of the persons that was in Community Arms,,Oct. 31,1993

  • jevon

    i new the boys who was killed on halloween but i really don’t know the exact location where they was killed..i know where reggie and steven were R.I.P but where was eddie at

  • Jay

    Stephen was my lil cousin, and not a year goes by where i don’t feel the pain caused that night.

  • Jay

    Stephen was my lil cousin, and not a year goes by where i don’t feel the pain caused that night.

  • Anonymous

    Well, when you have those types of problems over and over in one area, yeah, it’s not as notable. This has been happening, off and on, for a couple decades…in 1980 there were 40 homicides in Pasadena and the preponderance of those were gang murders in NW Pasadena. The year of those “Halloween Murders” there were 28 homicides. Guess what part of town they were in?

    I’m tired of this crybaby attitude that “people won’t take notice until it happens in a good part of town”. There’s just not too much that can be done. It’s a nuanced issue.

  • roshana crawford

    its my brother, and it still hurts how about that pasadena

  • Anonymous

    eddie was with them whe they got killed it was on wilson street. they will ever be fogotten

  • Tiffany

    Reggie was my neighbor, who had a sister named Roshana I think. I was a young mother at the time, just 18 years old myself and that night changed me forever. My heart and prayers go out to the family’s of Reggie and Stephen, and Eddie. I will never forget.