Two more dead overnight

Wire services are reporting this morning two East San Gabriel Valley murders overnight. Detectives said a man was shot to death at 10:45 p.m. in the 14700 block of Olive Street in Baldwin Park. Early details are sketchy.
In Rowland Heights, a man was stabbed to death in the 19700 block of Sirius Street. Again details are sketchy.
Neither man’s identity was available early Tuesday.

There’s been a lot of violence throughout the area over the past several days. A recent study on drive by shootings indicates July statistically is the worst month for gang violence. We’ll stay on top of these stories throughout the day.

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One thought on “Two more dead overnight

  1. my consin recently died from a gun shoot wound that 2 asian and one black person did they took someone that didn’t deserve to die he was only 23 years old this happen in bladwin park food for less on saturday early morning he wasn’t a gang member he was a great person love everywhone he didn’t deserve to die that way we can’t believe he is gone my family is takeing really bad we are a very close family he is the first person in are family to die of a muder someone so kind so loveable so full of life is gone not only did they kill my consin but they also put a hole in are hearts it will never be the same without are consin richard he left behind 2 older bothers 3 younger sisters a mom and dad and all his consins aunts and uncles that are to much to count but i don’t understand why my consin had to die this way.

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