Guns headed for meltdown get reprieve

Two carloads of guns headed to a Pomona factory to be melted down instead returned to La Habra because the factory was closed for maintenence, according to La Habra police sources.
“They forgot to notify us,” said the source, who added that the last load of La Habra weapons made up some of the rebar used in the construction of the Staples Center.

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Illusions strip club update

A former employee of the Illusions strip club sent an email regarding the 1996 murder of Mohamed Sarekhani. I’m stripping anything identifying. There is some interesting new information on the case, that hasn’t been made public.
Sarehkhani was shot to death outside his club on a bright, sunny mid-November day. The case remains unsolved.

Here’s most of the (edited) email:

I noticed the article on the fatal shooting of Mohamed “Mo” Sarehkhani in November 1996 and wanted to share some information. I was (an employee) of Illusions at the time Mo was killed and I cant believe after 11 years the police have no leads. The word around town after the shooting was that a local gang was trying to extort money from some of the local businesses in which Illusions was one.
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West Covina or Valinda?

The death of Paul Salazar in Valinda (or is that West Covina?) the other night is getting a close look from Sheriff’s homicide detectives. That said, they are keeping a tight lid on information about the shooting, potential suspects and the circumstances.
Salazar was one of two men killed in gang attacks over the weekend. Six others were wounded, according to officials. No arrests have been made in any of the cases.

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Bad Newz

Maybe the NFL hasn’t caught on yet. This jersey is also available for sale.

UPDATE: The real bad newz for Michael Vick is here.

New York, NY — (Sports Network) – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has ordered Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick not to report to the team’s training camp, which starts Thursday.
Goodell noted Vick won’t be allowed into training camp until the league completes a review of Vick’s indictment.

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Updated weekend shooting stats.

Turns out there was a murder in Baldwin Park Friday night, we’ll get some details on that. A man was killed and two teens were wounded in the 10:53 p.m. incident.

In Monrovia Friday, a man was shot in the leg and wounded Friday night.

Updated weekend talley: two dead, five wounded.

Disclaimer: These are the ones police actually reported.

By way of comparison, during all of last week six U.S. soldiers in Iraq were wounded in battle and removed from combat, according to icasualities. According to the same site, two U.S. Soldiers were killed by hostile fire over the weekend.

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Gun crime tally

Weekend violence left one man dead and three teens wounded around the east San Gabriel Valley. We’ll follow up on these throughout the day. Two of the incidents, including the murder, have West Covina datelines. One of the injured teens was identified by police as a girl.

In East Los Angeles, two brothers are suspected of beating their brother to death following an argument Sunday.

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Former stripper hopes police will take second look at 1996 cold case

What do a stripper, a bar owner shot to death in broad daylight, and cold case detectives have in common?

They are all part of a story running in tomorrow’s paper. The story concerns the 1996 shooting death of Mohamed “Mo” Sarehkhani.

“Mo” owned the Illusions topless bar on Valley Boulevard. A week or so before Thanksgiving 1996, Mo took a bullet that killed him.

Ever since, the stripper has been trying to piece the case together, while cold case detectives from the county Sheriff’s department and the El Monte P.D. admit they’ve been stumped since day one.

There’s a lot of interesting characters in the story, including a bouncer who claimed he once wrestled “Andre” the Giant.

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FBI rolls out bank robbery website

The Los Angeles FBI field office unveiled a website at Friday designed to help the agency catch bank robbers.

This is some of the press release touting the site.

By visiting the site, users can view photos of current bank bandits being sought by the FBI and local law enforcement agencies, many of whom are wanted for robberies in multiple counties. The website contains photos of recent captures, reward information and a list of the FBIs law enforcement partners. The website also links users to other regional websites that concern bank robbers.

One of the great things about the FBI’s bank robbery detail is that they name their suspects. Who can forget the “Landscape Bandit” captured earlier this week. The man earned the name because bank tellers told investigators “he smelled like dirt.”

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