MySpace versus Facebook

A new study found some interesting facts about the differences between users of MySpace and Facebook.
I haven’t really considered this element when using either to profile people, but it worth taking a look at.

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    I was a regular MySpace user (or as the kids say, a “MySpace whore”) before, during, and a little bit after the election.

    I turned my personal MySpace into my campaign MySpace, basically.

    I found out, though, that although MySpace is an effective tool for promoting things – and I’ll definitely get another account in 2011 if MySpace is still en vogue – it actually didn’t impress me a lot for social networking.

    Sure, there were cool people in the area and around the globe I met because they saw my profile and interests but running my own blog/website and having a MySpace was just too much. I find people are now using MySpace as an easy “out” as to not call or e-mail someone…and people say “Don’t you have a MySpace?” as an out for getting to know someone – instead of asking about them.

    I think MySpace is cool if you’re maybe 18-25..but it just ended up causing too many problems in my life (semi-jealous girlfriend + having a MySpace with 3000 people on it = not a good idea) so I got rid of it.

    It’s easier just to have my website. I don’t have to worry about who “friended” me or “defriended” me. I can track whose reading via Google Analytics. It’s all much simpler and less of a hassle.

    Plus, my website doesn’t freeze my computer constantly or have login problems 40 times a day like MySpace does.

  • MySpace is good and have many things to do with, But facebook provide many features under one platform. People usually prefer facebook because its quite friendly but MySpace is cool no doubt