Alleged Confession

A Deputy Public defender let slip in court Friday that Man-ling WIlliams, accused of stabbing her husband with a sword and smothering her children to death with a pillow, allegedly confessed to the crimes.
We’ve got a story online now to that effect.
Man-ling was allowed to change from the jailhouse issue jumpsuit into a shirt and pants, in anticipation of being photographed.
She appeared pretty emotionless to me, although photog Leo Jarazomb said she appeared distressed and stressed to him. Man-ling Williams spoke in a barly audible monotone, and actually had to go through two hearings, because a court reporter was absent for the first.
Judge Abe Khan …

… allowed cameras to photograph and videotape Man-ling WIlliams appearance. He denied her bail. She’s looking at special circs right now and that could mean the death penalty or at very least life without parole.
Apparently “the incriminating statements” from Thursday’s story were in fact the confession. Next court date in the case is scheduled for Aug. 31. BTW she did not enter a plea.
I’ll have more on the case tomorrow including some local media gossip overheard in the jury box.

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  • Wow, Frank. What a story. It’s interesting to hear your personal take on her demeanor, and that of your photog. Public Defender slipped? What do you mean? Did the Public Defender tell the judge outright she confessed?

    You have sparked my curiousity!

  • Also curious about this:

    “Porter said Man-ling Williams once tried to sell him life insurance.”

    Did she have a policy for her husband and kids?

    I hope she gets a fair trial with competent representation.

  • Man-ling’s friend

    She try sell life insurance to peole cus Neal is a selling life insurance for a company name primerica
    She was quit her job then helping Neal to get new account.
    Man-ling is not like what news paper talk about, you just know nothing about her..