Man-ling or Manling? Manny or Ling?

i-9f4451cbf6cc47ff2d83ea89d0ac88b3-manlingwilliams.JPGFirst question of the day. How does she spell it? The woman accused of stabbing her husband and murdering her children in Rowland Heights the other day might spell her name Man-Ling (as we do) or Manling( as the Sheriff’s Department does) I’m going to settle this once and for all today.
Speaking of spelling. Tim Traeger, new city editor at the Whitter Daily News points out that in our story today we made a slight error

One thing. It’s MARIE CALENDER’S, not Calendar’s, fyi.

mea culpa
In any event…

…it seems that family and friends of Man-ling/Manling referred to her as Ling. Whereas co-workers at marie Calender’s (and Mimi’s Cafe) said she referred to herself as Manny.
BTW, I just got off the phone with Jasmine Lu of the Chinese Daily news, she said Man-Ling would be the correct spelling….MTK

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  • Anonymous

    I guess it depends on the person. If she’s Chinese, then every word in her name is only one syllable. However, some people put two names (syllables) together because they’re always said together.

  • Lynn

    Ling is a nice sweet girl, she is a loving mother/wife.. She works very hard to help Neal to keep family running, and she loves and care Devon and Ian so much, they are everything to her.. She made a lot sacrifice to her husband and sons cus she loves them..
    I hope when reposter write the news about them, please be fair, she is also a poor lady.. people shouldn’t make assumption before the truth come out..

  • tom

    To Lynn

    What you said wouldn’t make sense. Manling being sweet kind etc only reflects on your opinion. She obviously LOVED HER FAMILY TO DEATH!! I don’t appreciate people disregarding the forensic evidence and calling neal names or even accusing him of smothering his own kids. That was in another thread fyi. First of all a deceased can not defend themselves or ever tell you of what she did. Let the evidence speak for itself.

  • To Tom

    1. I was the writer that suggested the POSSIBILITY (not probability) of Mr. Williams done in his own kids. I am not saying that’s what happened, but so far evidence has NOT shown it one way or the other. I don’t have any other source, other than what our gracious host has posted. In the latest post, he indicated that the cause of death on the kids have not been released yet. It COULD be poison, smothering, or strangulation. However, more importantly, in determining who actually murdered whom, is the TIME OF DEATH. If the kids died at 6am, and Mr. Williams at 7am, then it could be very possible that Mr. Williams was somehow involved in the death. Think about it. Again, this PROBABLY ISN’T WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, BUT IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED THIS WAY.

    2. Relating this case to a case I followed dearly in the past — OJ Simpson’s case. I was a MD/PhD student at the time, and followed the case very closely as the science behind it (from Cary Mullis, from various scientists) was what we were learning in class. Despite “MOUNTAINS OF EVIDENCE” (and I did believe OJ to be gulty, upon viewing all of the evidence), he was set free. The point is, I followed the trial, and listened to all evidence broadcasted, and reviewed all scientific evidence as presented (EDTA-tainted blood, etc), and understand PCR, and DNA fingerprinting, and understand the statistic behind a positive result (or a negative result). I made MY CONCLUSION/JUDGEMENT based solely on evidence presented. I disagreed with the jury’s verdict, but I was not on the jury, so it meant squat.

    In this case, I have not heard a bit of evidence. If the kids were poisoned, I have not heard what type of poison was administered. I have not heard the body temperature of the bodies at the time coroner arrived. I have not heard or seen the contents of her alleged confession. I have not seen any evidence that she may be temporarily insane. I have not heard evidence of domestic discord between Mr. and Mrs. Williams.

    I assume, neither have you.

    So, being red blooded Americans that we are, how, may I ask you, can you possibly presume her to be guilty, when the law of our great Nation says that she is “innocent until proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, guilty”?

    If someone you know were accused of a heinous crime such as this, would you want to presume his/her guilt without hearing the evidence? If this happened to you, or anyone in your family, would you at least wait until all the evidence are presented until making up your mind? Can you do that (be open-minded)?

    From the looks of your posts and that of John Jacobs and a couple of “anonymous” posters, I doubt any of you can truly be open minded. You’ve already made up your mind. So, why not just send her to the gas chamber and put some cyanide pill there. Why not just inject her full of the lethal injection cocktail. In the court of public opinion here at this site, she is already convicted by a number of you.

    And the arraignment hasn’t even ended (it was postponed)…..


  • Lynn

    To Tom:

    Yes, i agree that deceased cant not defend themselves, so.. I havent say anything about Neal..

    Did Neal really make me feel he’s a GOOD DAD?

    No, sorry.. he’s not..

    I don’t think play with kids can bring kids food buy kids clother and keep family running..

    Dont forget,a lot of news post told about Neal MOST TIME JUST STAY HOME, He’s a husband and father who has wife and kids, how can he stay home but not working??

    Do you know how much money that you need to spend for a family every month?

    If they’re rich enough for Neal not to work but just stay home, then why Ling have to work?

    Defend for Ling not because I ok with what she done ( if she done it).. Defend for Ling cus I knew her long enough..

    Everyone has up and down time, what made become like this? What made her put herslef in situation like this?

    I want to know why, we as Ling’s friends dying to get an answer..

    What’s happen in their’s family, we wanna know.. even now it’s too late to help them work through it, if there’s anyway we can know what going to happen, we would do our best to avoid that from happening..

    Life is not that simple…

    We are seeking an answer, also peace..

  • To Lynn, other Mr. and Mrs. Williams’ friends

    To Lynn, other Mr. and Mrs. Williams’ friends,

    I am the guy who have been posting regarding not judging Mrs. Williams and questioning Mr. Williams’ parenting skills. I apologize if I offended anyone here.

    I realize all of you have been through a lot, with the loss of your friend and his kids, and the arrest of another. My condolences and sympathies.

    Mr. Williams and the two innocent children died. That’s a fact, and nothing we, nor anyone, say or do will change that fact. You (his friends) can preserve the memories of the fine man and boys; and take solace in knowing that they are up in heaven smiling down at you all.

    As for Mrs. Tsang-Williams, if she indeed did those things, and she was a nice person before, perhaps something inside her finally snapped. Instead of casting her as the villain to rot in hell, she probably needs help. If she was indeed as decent as most of her friends remembered her, I am sure she is feeling absolutely horrible right now, knowing that she murdered her own kids and her husband (the person she chose to spend the rest of her life).

    May all of you find peace and comfort in this time of difficulty.