Rosemead pot farm

i-e908a5b99dea067ab19fa070d879ef1f-Rosemead pot bust.jpg We’ve had a lot of stories about pot busts in the San Gabriel Valley generally and Rosemead specifically over the past several weeks. Even if Asian organized crime wasn’t always involved, it’s apparently nothing new.
Here’s the caption that ran with this photo in September 1948:

BONFIRE MATERIAL — Dep. Dwight Smith of Los Angeles Sherrif’s squad is shown as he drags a load of marijuana “trees” from roadside patch in Rosemead where the “trees” were found growing. The narcotic weeds later were destroyed in “$20,000 bonfire.” Federal agents participated in the “raid” and they reported that some of the weeds were 10 feet high. Apparently they were growing wild near busy street.

This photo comes from the UCLA library and is part of an archive of old newspaper photos from the 20th Century. It makes for some really fascinating exploration.

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