Photos from Williams crime scene

i-8fdf0e333923317bf7bcedb734f5e63c-williams scene.jpg
Local photog Ron Fu has posted some interesting photos he took outside the home of Man-ling and Neal Williams in Rowland Heights.
Man-ling (or Manling) is accused of stabbing her husband with a sword and suffocating her two children with a pillow.
Fu sent me this pic attached to this post for use with the blog. It’s Ok, but the stuff he put on Flickr is better.

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  • johnjacobs

    Manling probably never admitted why she killed her sons. I think she killed both her sons because they witnessed her murdering their father. Out of fear of being caught she smothered her first son while the other watched in horror, then the second. I believe the father was attacked in his sleep which explains her crying out to their neighbors around 7:30am in the morning. I hope she rotts in hell for what she did.

  • johnjacobs

    Manling probably never admitted why she killed her sons. I think she killed both her sons because they witnessed her murdering their father. Out of fear of being caught she smothered her first son while the other watched in horror, then the second. I believe the father was attacked in his sleep which explains her crying out to their neighbors around 7:30am in the morning. I hope she rotts in hell for what she did.

  • sympathy girl

    Let Manling know that there is hope in Jesus, no matter what.
    Yes, there is consequence for sins, but Jesus loves even the most wicked ones.
    God bless her heart and all the families and friends.

  • sympathy girl

    Let Manling know that there is hope in Jesus, no matter what.
    Yes, there is consequence for sins, but Jesus loves even the most wicked ones.
    God bless her heart and all the families and friends.

  • how do you know

    To John Jacobs,

    How do you know? Were you there? If so, that would make you an accessory and you would get the same sentence as Ms. Tsang-Williams.

    Isn’t it also very likely that Mr. Neal Williams was a wife abuser (typical abuser profiles are charming “nice” men, whom most of the public wouldn’t be able to identify them as abusers). Again, remember she works full time, and he (an apparently healthy young man) stayed home all day, and did not even finish college. Supposedly he is selling insurance, but still depends on his wife to help him do some simple sales. In today’s society, he really would be called a “bum” and be considered a total loser.

    Isn’t it possible that she works so much (having to carry the household economically) and suffers so much abuse, verbal or physical (for all we know, he might beat her everyday in front of the kids), that she just mentally “snapped”?

    I do NOT know that. Do you?

    Again, we do NOT know what happened. Instead of wishing her to rot in hell, listen to her defense. For all those so-called Christians out there, “let those without sin cast the first stone”, and “judge not lest ye be judged”.

  • s

    what sickens me is that people who never knew them can feel like they have the right to comment on our tragedy. i cannot express enough my anger at your comments sympathy girl

  • johnjacobs

    The thing is I don’t know what happened. If I was sure of myself I would of said so. You say you’re christian, then why are you casting the first stone towards me. I don’t know who manling is BUT as you said she was the one to commit the crime. I feel no sympathy for her. If it angers you then you have problems and should seek help before you commit a similar act. I think manlings friends should not be defending manling because thats just unfair. This is America, if you hate your marriage there are alternate paths you can take, like divorces!! Don’t be hating on everyone else that disagrees with you. Especially you sympathy girl, you claim you’re so religious. Let me ask you DO YOU THINK WHAT SHE DID WAS RIGHT??? DO YOU THINK ANYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE ANOTHERS LIFE?? Let alone lay a finger on another. Lets just say her husband was the worst husband in the world, WTF DID HER CHILDREN DO??? DID HER CHILDREN DESERVE TO DIE?? DID THEY DESERVE TO SUFFER THAT KIND OF AGONY JUST BECAUSE SHE HAD A BAD DAY??? ANSWER ME SYMPATHY GIRL!! This is the reason I will be a homicide detective one day. Its to catch criminals who commit evil sins, and who are being protected by people like you.

  • To John Jacobs

    Dear John Jacobs,

    You can’t be serious….

    Let me address your points in turn:

    1. I am not Christian. I have studied Christianity (all branches), Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism. I also have studied medicine, science, business, history, etc. You know, run of the mill stuff you learn in Ivies. So, since you started judging Manling, you open yourself to be judged; and I am judging you.

    2. I am not angry toward you. I do not know you. I pray for your soul, as you seem like an angry person.

    3. I fully agree with you that if one hates his/her marriage, he/she can simply file for divorce. No need to kill. Kudos for one sane comment here.

    4. Manling’s friends have a right to speak their minds. As you point out later, this is America, and we are protected by First Amendment. By the way, world is NOT fair. That is why OJ Simpson is playing golf everyday despite “mountains of evidence”.

    5. I don’t claim to speak for Sympathy Girl; but I do NOT think ANYONE thinks what Manling is accused of doing (if she indeed did it) was “right”. That is why she is on trail for perhaps her life.

    6. Do I think anyone has the right to take another person’s life? Under certain circumstances. Like war (Iraq, people!!). Like execution of convicted killers. Yes, in those case, soldiers and executioners take others lives.

    7. Her children did not deserve to die. Again, we do NOT know whether she did kill her kids. I shall hold off my opinion about that until I hear the evidence as reported by our kind host here in the trial.

    8. Trying to become a homicide detective? You wouldn’t be qualified. The first rule you learn in being a detective is LET THE EVIDENCE SPEAK FOR ITSELF, AND FORM YOUR OPINION BASED ON THE EVIDENCE. You do NOT form a pre-conceived chain of events, then try to collect the evidence to match your theory. That has been exactly what you have done in your comments here and in another thread. Instead of being open minded as a future homicide detective should, you have shown to be extremely close-minded. With you in charge of homicide investigation in the future (with chill up my spine), there will probably be more OJ Simpsons running around in your neck of the woods. You will probably temper with evidence, causing the most despictable evil bastards to be set free.

  • tom

    I just want all of Manlings friends to know, she admitted to the murder without duress. First of all, why would she lie? I’m talking about her story going to the market in her boxers etc… If you have nothing to hide then there is no need to lie about it. It disgusts me to see how you guys are on her defense. Her face says shes guilty!! She is emotionless like a monster. How does she know detailed information on her kids being smothered with a pillow. If she DID go to the market like she says, how is she able to change into her home clothes wearing a boxer, with her family dead? Lets not argue about what people think and LOOK at the forensic evidence. If a family member was to pass away I’d probably cry my eyes out and mourn for my loss everyday. I’m sure all of you would agree.

  • To Tom

    Logic, and not emotions, shall prevail.


    Let me poke holes in your story:

    1. Were you the sheriff’s deputy questioning her? Was her “Miranda” read to her prior to her confession. You do know that a confession, even a signed one, PRIOR TO READING OF HER MIRANDAS, would NOT be admissible in court, right? So, if you are so sure she confessed without duress, you must be involved in the case. And, simply by stating it here would cause the case to be thrown out, because you are tainting potential jurors. So, if you are indeed involve in the case, and what you say is true, well, you just help set her free. Good job, Tom. How much did she pay you?

    2. I am not Manling’s friend. I am simply an educated by-stander who doesn’t understand why people are jumping to conclusion before they have hear ANY evidence. You included.

    3. No one said she was in her boxers, as in “underwear”. Her neighbor said that she was in shorts. Were you there? Did you see what type of shorts it was? I live in a very exclusive neighborhood in S. Cal, and I have gone to my local Wholefoods and Gelsons in gym shorts, tank tops and flip flops. She going to market in her shorts indicates that she may have a lapse in judgement in fashion, but it does not logically conclude that she must have lied, because “no one goes to market with her shorts”, right? Please read and understand accurately and precisely. It’s “shorts” people, and “shorts” are not the same as “boxers (underwear)”.

    4. I may be disgusting to you for believing in the system (you do know people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, right?). That’s alright by me. If you don’t believe in the American justice system, I don’t want you do like me. Perhaps you should get out of this country, no?

    5. “her face is guilty” — your statement. Wow, you must be soooooooooo empathetic that you can find out everything from a person’s face. Did you win those millions of dollars in Poker tournament? The fact is, science has proven over and over again that facial expression and recognition are hard to interpret. Please look up Medline if you have any questions on that. I can lecture about the molecular details, but I would have to charge you a bundle for my time and expertise.

    6. “She is emotionless like a monster” — Your words. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, though I wish you, Tom, could somehow step into her shoes and imagine. She just “lost” her husband and her kids. Let’s assume she’s innocent JUST FOR A SECOND. How is she going to look? I would imagne shocked beyond belief. I may not have tears, because it may NOT have sunken into her yet. Unless you are with her every second of the day, 24/7, otherwise, how do you know she did not really shed any tears? It’s called “empathy”, please read about it.

    7. “kids being smothered”. Well, DUH!!!!! NO SIGNS OF STRUGGLE, NO BRUISING ON THE NECK. HOW ELSE WOULD YOU SUPPOSE THE KIDS WERE KILLED? Again, I am NOT saying she did not do it. Maybe she did. I don’t know. Neither do you nor everyone else (including our gracious host).

    8. Re: Change of clothes. Again, read my comments above. I have gone to high end markets in my PJ’s getting milk for my kids. I have gone to drug stores in the middle of the night in my PJs to get medicine for my wife or kids. If I can do it in my exclusive neighborhood, why couldn’t Manling have done it in Rowland Heights. Keep in mind, I grew up in the area, and still have properties there. I know the demographics there fairly well. I visit Hong Kong Market when I am in the area, and believe me, many people shop there wearing very casual stuff.

    9. “Lets not argue about what people think and LOOK at the forensic evidence.” Bravo. First intelligent thing coming from you in the entire post. Look at the evidence, and let it speak for itself. Unfortunately, we do NOT have access to the evidence. If the sheriff deputies have done their jobs properly, the evidence should be locked up pending trial. So, neither you nor I will have any access to it. So, what we are arguing here is nothing more than “heresay”, meaning neither you nor I know the truth for certain.

    10. If you believe you are immediately going to start crying your eyes out, that would be noral reaction. But, disbelief and “rejection” of reality can also occur. I do not know what was in her mind; and I do not know whether she did those things. But, it is certainly possible that she was too shocked to cry.

  • tom

    lol you just crack me up TRYING to point fingers at everyone. Yes i believe in the system and i’ve had researched her case through the internet. If you read what her neighbor cerda stated, then you would know what i’m talking about. One of her neighbors also said he was stabbed over 40 times. SO before you try to accuse anyone else of causing this tragedy look into it first. I highly doubt you are an educated person. Your mind is so clouded of anger and hatred of others comments just because you and her are best friends. Who knows you might even be the culprit. So you live in an upper class area doesn’t mean you wouldn’t kill either. You dont have to lie to me about being a bystander. You’re probably that person sympathy girl. I have read all the comments people have posted. You commented on someones thread accusing that they were the killers. Honestly I would fear you if i knew you in person. Who knows what kind of evil deeds lure in your mind.

  • tom

    I just wanted to add one more thing. Look up manlings my space, she quoted “Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn”. Login 8/8/07 and her mood was listed under curious. Plus her last update was 8/7/07, look it up yourself.

    I also viewed neals myspace before it got deleted, and he quoted “my wife finds me a pain in the ass, but she says she loves me.” There is evidence of hate and anger in the early stages. This looks like a planned out murder to me. I wish I knew her motive. I can only assume there might have been the classic life insurance murders. I only say that because they were poor. I dont have any proof of that its just an assumption so calm your asses down.

  • To Tom


    Again, let me poke holes:

    1. Have you studied anatomy? Have you ever cut yourself? Stabbed 40 times? How would the neighbor know? You do know that blood would be gushing out fast, right? particularly if you cut a major artery. Now, over all those blood and shreds of clothes, do you suppose a normal person would simply stare at the wounds and start counting them? Are you kidding me? After dissecting a few bodies during my studies, I still have trouble focusing on “the tasks at hand”. I can’t believe a normal person, at a sight of the pool of blood surely to accumulate ON AND AROUND his body, be calmed enough to count how many stab wounds there are. Again, heresay. I would love to hear the actual autopsy results from the coroner, instead of gibberish from amateurs.

    By the way, in a fit of passion, (assume she did it), she will not be able to cleanly stab each wounds without any overlapping. How does an untrained person separate out the individual stabs to count “over 40”? I would love to know that.

    By the way, “researching this case through the internet” is NOT considered actual research. Perhaps I should teach you some basics in criminology. If an investigation is still pending, police will NOT comment on the case. The case will not be leaked out until the evidence are presented in the court of law. The only two parties with information would be the prosecution (including the police) and the defense. And, if either one of the parties leaked information to the internet “chat rooms or newsgroups”, that would be grounds for mistrial, as this would be a way to taint potential jurors.

    You do know what that means, right? That means the source of your research is as sound as the source of my research…. which is to say, none at all.

    Oh yeah, the neighbor Cerda. The person who says that Mrs. Williams always yelled at Mr. Williams, and Mr. Williams never yelled back. Of course, a neighbor who lives immediate next door said the opposite — that Mr. Williams always yelled at Mrs. Williams, and she never yelled back. Heresay, wouldn’t be considered sound evidence. Next.

    Perhaps you need to know how to read…. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: I do not know who she or her former husband are. I simply grew up in the neighborhood, and still hold a number of investment properties in the area. So, to put it in absolutely disgusting captalistic terms, their death negatively impacts my financial bottom line. With increase in crime rate, particularly murder, and a recent number of pot busts in Rowland Heights, do you think the property values won’t come down? So, in a very cold-hearted way, unfortunately, their tragedy puts a big dent on my wallet. I apologize to anyone who was offended at my putting their tragedy in financial perspective; but I would be lying if I said that this hasn’t been the motivation of my concern in this case.

    Those “evil deeds” that lure in my mind, as you so elegantly put it, are simply my concern that Mrs. Tsang-Williams may not receive a fair trial. Whether she did the deeds or not, that is not my concern; but as an American who believes in the justice system, I would love nothing more than the system to convict her, if she did indeed do that. Until then, I shall withhold my own judgement.

    I did look up her myspace profile. It was curious to me as to her quote. However, that still does not definitively show that she is a killer. At one time in my life, probably around her age when I was graduating from the MD/PhD program, my motto was “go to hell”. Does that mean I am also a killer?

    Re: Life insurance as a motive. Tom, I actually somewhat agree with you. That was the first thing that came into my mind when I heard insurance and murder. But I thought…. Nah, she couldn’t be that dumb. That would be the first thing people look at….