Temple City gang?

The arrests of both suspects in the Deandre Netter murder coupled with the arrests of suspects in the hate crime stabbing of a man outside Carl’s Jr. on Las Tunas Drive, gave investigators some room to talk about both cases.
On background they have repeatedly said the cases might be linked. The link became clearer Thursday when a homicide detective said search warrants served on most of the suspects in both cases turned up similar graffiit in all their homes. The graffiti seemed to indicate the teens are all memebrs of a group that called itself “Brown Side.”
No one is sure about the origin of the name.
Arraignment for Phillips Guerra and Christopher Lopez, both 18, both charged in Netter’s murder, has been scheduled for mid-September. Both waived their speedy trial rights in the case, authorities said.

4 thoughts on “Temple City gang?

  1. hell yea they did it homies!!!! NK all day barrio A calavera and yes brown side originated in tc but is long gone. now the tc streets are roamed by wstcg west side temple city gang! wess wess philip and chris live

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