Williams case notes

Some random loose ends:
A coroner’s spokesman Wednesday told reporter Ruby Gonzales that Neal Williams died from “sharp force injuries” which would idicate he was stabbed more than once. I saw a comment on an Internet news group from a person identifying herself as a neighbor who claimed Neal was stabbed 40 times.
The children’s bodies have been released to Rose Hills Mortuary as of Wedensday and now the coroner is saying an actual cause fo death determination has been delayed. Any number of things could be read into that including the possibility they were poisoned. (No one has said that)…

There is also the possibility that Devon and Ian were strangled. Typically medical examiners look for a brokenhyoid bone in strangulation cases. However, because the bone is more pliable in young children, typically an indication that the bone was not fractured might not indicate anything. I learned that from a great book by Pasadena writer Miles Corwin, titled “Homicide Special.”
Neal’s body had yet to be released early Thursday. We were unable to ascertain the delay.
There are several interesting discussions on this blog between friends of Man-ling (Manling) Williams and commenters who are following the case. All the posts about the case are here.

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  • Funeral II

    Has Neal’s body been released? Any more word from the Coroner?

  • Concerned Parent In Temple City sernparent

    Hi Frank:

    Thanks for the update on the Temple City Carls stabbing and the Netter murder. Brown Side has been running rampant in Temple City since 2002 maybe even earlier. CJ Mitchelltree and Phillip Guerra admitted to the Temple High School and District Administration that they “rolled with Brown Side” in 9/03. Interesting that as of today the school will deny that there are gangs on campus and will act like they have never heard of Brown Side. Keep this information coming we need it. Thanks!