Nevada suicide linked to area murder

A San Gabriel man, possibly implicated in a Diamond Bar shooting, was found dead in a Primm, Nevada casino parking lot.
Clark County Coroner’s officials said the man, identified by posteres here as “j”, was Jason Burke, of San Gabriel.
There’s some interesting speculation about the case in the comment sections of earlier postings. here.

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  • Anonymous

    Does this guy have younger siblings named Josh and Jennifer? I think I remember him.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. You would be correct.

  • Anonymous

    I am so shocked to hear this story my thought and prayers go out to all involved! Please post information on Jason’s services and if and where to send donations. God bless the Burke Family

  • Anonymous

    That’s too bad. I went to school w/ Josh and Jennifer, but didn’t really know them. They seemed like nice kids though.

  • Ashley Ames

    you want to donate to a murderer? why would his family need money, he was old enough to take care of himself as well as his parent’s should be too. or maybe they need to work a little harder like greg who fulfilled his dream of owning a house at 25.jason shouldn’t have a funeral. he should be locked up. he couldnt even stand up for what he did, what a little girl. he’s just a murderer he doesn’t deserve a funeral. he needed to be a man. he’s a selfish @$$0! and took away our best friend and if you think you want to donate to a murderer go ahead, greg didn’t need donations, he made it himself unlike these @$$^!s. Greg was my greatest mentor and hero, he was who i wanted to be. murderers dont need donations, they already took their donation by taking someone elses life that everyone loved. words can not express how much his family , friends and coworkers loved him and how much we miss not seeing those big blue eyes that made you smile no matter what when you looked at him. for all you anonymous people, you’re a bunch of little girls, maybe you should stand up for what you believe in in your own words not anonymously. and im sure you knew the murderer too and i hope you feel horrible. i only wish jason was alive so that maybe we could execute him the way he executed our dear friend, mentor, boss, he was everything to us and you want to donate to a murderer that executed him for just going out with some girl. god knows what she had to do with it. it kills us all to think about what greg went through his last few minutes of life.

    screw you murderer donator maybe they should leave him hanging in the sun to rot like the bad apple he was

    rest in peace greg. we love and miss you and still can’t believe your actually gone but your still with us in your hearts. and i promise ill get you those outs.

    -Ashley and Justin with love for Greg

  • Anonymous

    What Greg went through? He was ASLEEP, you idiot!! He never knew what hit him. We should all be so lucky, even though he didn’t deserve to die. Wow, and from what you’re saying about what should have been done to Jason, (“Leave him hanging in the sun”) makes you no better than him. Life isn’t always “an eye for an eye” the way we’d all like it to be, and sometimes when the big guy upstairs says its time for someone to go, they’re outta there. Jsson didn’t decide to go, he just knew there was no way he was gonna get away with what he did, and that God was gonna smoke him. I’d like to think that if God didn’t think it was time to go, he’d have woken Greg up in time to defend himself. Jason was a lowly rat for doing what he did, but you know what? Theres nothing any of us can do about it now. Think of all the people that saw the girl doing what she did. They all knew that she was playing with fire. I’m certainly not going to say that Jason wasn’t to blame, and that he wasn’t a lowly coward, but think about what may have put him into the kind of rage that made him do what he did. I knew Jason and even though he was an asshole and all, he also had motivation to do what he did, and a woman is just the classic reason for one man to kill another. Tragic, but it happens. Keep Greg in your heart and maybe do something randomly kind, in your friend’s name, keep his spirit alive in what you do, don’t keep Jason’s spirit alive by spreading his hate and discontent. Just remember, JASON did this, not you, or me, his family, or his supporters.

  • ash

    ok so i am an idiot?????? you think we die because god says so? then you’r just plain retarded like your friend. what happens in the present and future is due to our actions. you think that god kills people in africa from aids and leaves there children to be an orphan or die on the streets? no it’s our actions and the actions we don’t do that makes the world go round buddy. and you know if greg heard the guy and maybe woke up for a second and was afraid. no you don’t that. and yeah jason did decide to kill himself not god obviously he didnt pull the trigger. you see, if you knew about god in any way you would know he forgives everyone for everything and that he wouldn’t put revenge on jason. jasons knew what was going to happen to himv when he went to jail, he knew that greg’s friends of friends would have raped and hurt him, maybe even kill him hopefully. and no im not as bad as jason, i’m just a pissed of friend. and what you said about him having motivation…you just said that he had every right to what he did, and maybe he should have killed michelle if he was pissed off at her for cheating on him. how was it greg’s fault when greg didn’t even know that they were together, all he thought was that he grew weed in her house and they were friends. so screw you a human beings life is precious and there own, no one has ANY RIGHT TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU NO MATTER WHAT. YOU’RE THE ONE CONDONING HIS ACTIONS< MIGHT AS WELL CALL YOU A MURDERER. and you must not be that great of a person considering who you choose your friends as. and at least i'm not to scared to write my name on my statements.

  • Anonymous

    You all need to go to Church and pray for your friends “whoever” they are!! Life happens and mistakes are made learn from them and move on! Dont hate people because they want to help!
    Let all rest in peace God will help you all heal if you believe and get rid of the hate in your heart!! God Bless you all!

  • Anonymous

    So I should restate myself.
    ASH You can’t spell, you can’t finish a complete sentence, and you can’t think a clear thought. No, Ash , I never condoned what Jason did. Greg is gone, Jason is gone.

  • ashley

    First of all, I’m upset about Greg, and I jumble around through my thoughts. Which in case you didn’t notice a lot of people do, At least I know how to spell my name, aparently you don’t know or can’t spell your name. So what some words are incorrectly spelled because I don’t care, I took the time to type my thoughts, not spell them. and the sad thing about this all is you’re fighting with an 18 year old girl, while you’re like what 34? Considering you were Jason’s friend that’s just obvious. And my advice to your restatement….. instead of bagging on me and trying to take the attention away from what you said, you should just apologize for you’re statement and be done with it. So go have fun fighting with little kids, hope it makes your day.

  • steve zuehls

    i played church basketball with josh.the whole burke family was very good to me. including jason RIP BRO…

  • Anonymous

    update please