$10 might have saved her life

i-8e7f825eb88a490daad699b214debdb5-HUELL.JPG Molly R. Okeon reports that if Ebony Huel had the money to pay the cover charge at the Underground Club on Lincoln Friday night, she might still be alive today.
Okeon’s story also details Huel’s status as an innocent bystander and victim and the arrest of 19-year-old John Reynolds of Los Angeles.
Reynolds was booked on suspicion of murder, said Pasadena police spokeswoman Janet Pope Givens. He is being held without bail scheduled to be arraigned at Pasadena Superior Court today, officials said.
Meanwhile, the blog Pasadena Pundit …

has it’s own take on the murder and a lengthy dissertation on gang violence.
From PPundit there’s this recitation of facts in the case:

* Ebony Huel, age 16, was not an intended victim but a passer by who got caught in a likely gang confrontation shoot out
* Ebony was outside the club on the sidewalk because she did not have the $10 cover charge to get in.
* The dance parties have security and no alcohol.
* Police were there previously and had to clear and close the premises. It was a known nuisance.
* Ironically, the teen night club is near the Outward Bound gang diversion program offices. This program is funded by a $100,000 Federal grant through Congressman Adam Schiff’s office.
*Police have identified the suspect as John Reynolds, 19, of Los Angeles, who was released from prison three weeks ago for armed robbery.
* A family friend Marlene Jackson who once lived Altadena but moved away three years ago for her daughter’s safety was quoted: “I would never let my daughter come down here,” she said of the area. “This is one of the reasons I moved away.”

A good deal of this can be gleaned from Molly’s story, but it’s a nice synopsis and good starting point for follow up stories.

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  • Resident of SGV

    A 19 year old released from prison for armed robbery? He should of been released at 25 years of age for being involved in such a serious crime. A friend of our Family was in prison from 16 to 25 where a gun he had was fired near a block party and he received that till the age of 25. everyone around him thought it was excive but the Judge saw diffrent. This person that intentionally shot into a crowd should of been incarcerated till age 25 from the first first crime, if he had been this shooting death wouldn’t of happened.