Finger pointing after Ebony

Columnist Shirlee Smith has her own take on the aftermath of the Ebony Huel murder in Northwest Pasadena last Friday.
I find the distinction she makes between the “colored” side of town and the “non-colored” side of town a bit simplistic. In fact I’m hard pressed to remember even hearing the “C” word uttered since the early 70s.
That said, the underlying story in this senseless murder isn’t about class and race divides, but about economic divides and the fear all parents have about where their teens are at night.
That’s my spin.

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  • Resident of SGV

    were shirlee smith’s daughters at a concert that was colored night.. it’s not right to say that it todayt socity

  • Resident

    LA County is the murder capital of United States. As long as we keep shoving the race issue under the rug, we will suffer the racial crimes that we see all over the LA County. The fight between the blacks and the latinos has no economic base. It’s not the class warfare between the haves and the have nots, the rich and the poor. If anything, this is just a turf warfare because the blacks are being “invaded” and perhaps pushed out. They can change the name of South Central LA, but they can’t change the underlying reasons for this insanity. That’s not how you stop the violence. The main two reasons: no family support and no (zero) education.