Hate crime punished in Federal Court with $5.6 million judgment

If the Hate Crime DAs are successful in their prosecution of the May stabbing outside Carl’s Jr. In Temple City, could federal civil charges be far off for CJ Mitcheltree and his buddies in the “Brown Side” gang?
A group of self-professed supremacists in Temecula just got hit with a huge judgment in a similar case that took place eight years ago.
Food for thought.

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  • scott mitcheltree

    As CJ’s uncle, why don’t you report the WHOLE story instead of making up your own…it’s my understanding that “Brown Side” is a Hispanic gang…which CJ is not. Why don’t you use your time in a better manner and report the truths instead of making allegations and making up your OWN truth. Obviously, there’s nothing worth reporting in Temple City huh? Why don’t interview people who know him, his friends, family, etc….