Williams arraignment Friday

i-9f4451cbf6cc47ff2d83ea89d0ac88b3-manlingwilliams.JPG Arraignment is scheduled Friday for Man-ling (Manling) Tsang Williams, who is charged with capital murder for the slayings of her husband and the couples two young sons at the familys Rowland Heights home. We haven’t heard much about this case since her original arraignment was postponed.
Neal Williams’ family has been very reluctant to discuss the case and were very private about any funeral. We do know that both families participated in a service of some sort at Rose Hills last week.

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  • Jan Williams

    A memorial service for all three of my handsome boys was held at the SkyRose chapel in Rose Hills on Thursday morning, August 23. The outpouring of support from the community has been deeply appreciated. If we have tried to mourn this terrible blow in private, I’m sure your readers can understand our feelings. I have lost 3 of people who made my life worth living. The Tsang family has also suffered a horrible loss. It is uncomfortable to wear a broken heart on your sleeve for all the world to see. The wound is raw -please let us heal a while in private. JW

  • Yvonne

    Recently, my client took interest in a property on Camino Bello but found out about the Williams murder case and is now hesistant to buy. He is wondering exactly which apartment suite & number (address) the murder happened. If anyone know,s that’d be great and my warmest regards to Jan Williams