Pursuit ends in flurry of email

Got this picture and a couple of others via email. They depict the LAPD pursuit that ended at Rosemead and Colorado Monday night in a fiery collision. (Why is it fiery and not firey?) Anyway thanks to the photog. I appreciate his effort.
Also got a note about the story:

The next time you do a piece about a high-speed chase, include some background about the suspect’s upbringing. See, the media seems to believe that publicizing these spectacles is a deterrant. Personally, I don’t think these elements ever read the papers or watch the news. By learning what kind of mothers these people had, or if they ever learned right from wrong, the public may be able to comprehend what drives these &**@^%#@.

I don’t know how much time this man (or woman) thinks we have on our hands here, but there isn’t enought time to background every idiot in a car chase.
The point about these stories is …
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Maria Hicks follow ups

This morning, I received two letters regarding Pico Rivera and the murder of Maria Hicks.
The first was a reminder about a similar case that occurred at the end of July:

I was looking to see if you had any information on the shooting that happened on or about July 31, 2007 to Ruben Gomez, 51. He was a real estate broker in Montebello. He was shot in Pico Rivera on Bicentennial Road, just north of where the grandmother was shot.

I’ll map this one on the new homicide map for comparison purposes.
The next note came from a self-identified Pico Rivera resident who had concerns about her neighborhood and how the major media have a collective tendency to ignore eastern LA County. (BTW the note is slightly edited)

i read several articles regading this tragedy….then i read your comments and i thought that maybe we should all contact Michael Moore the director, he seems to get into alot of trouble for exposing the truth about the matter.
I have grown up in montebello, with pico rivera just a couple of miles away, and it is so true, it is a shame at the criminal activity going on all around us…

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$10 might have saved her life

i-8e7f825eb88a490daad699b214debdb5-HUELL.JPG Molly R. Okeon reports that if Ebony Huel had the money to pay the cover charge at the Underground Club on Lincoln Friday night, she might still be alive today.
Okeon’s story also details Huel’s status as an innocent bystander and victim and the arrest of 19-year-old John Reynolds of Los Angeles.
Reynolds was booked on suspicion of murder, said Pasadena police spokeswoman Janet Pope Givens. He is being held without bail scheduled to be arraigned at Pasadena Superior Court today, officials said.
Meanwhile, the blog Pasadena Pundit …

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Jealousy/Murder/Suicide/Marijuana … this story has it all

Sleepy Diamond Bar apparently has a lot of stuff going on behind closed doors.
The final chapter in the Gregory Eversole/Jason Burke murder/suicide involves a girl, a grow house, an early morning murder where the killer may have entered Eversole’s apartment through a doggy door and a suicide in the parking lot of a Nevada casino.
Oh….and there was a note.
Complete story here for now.
I’ll update link in the a.m.

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Overlooked but not forgotten

Fred Ortega mixes the smell of fresh baked breads and the sounds of illegal slot machines in the Foothill Cities with his piece on slot machines that ran over the weekend.
BTW, Fred took the photo in this entry with his very own phone. …doesn’t look like he had a winner in those reels though.
Tania Chatila answers the age old question “What is the sound of one car crashing?” Cacophony! especially when it crashes into a West Covina piano store.

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Random Northwest Pasadena violence claims teen

This week’s innocent victim is 16-year-old Ebony Huel of Pasadena. Huel was apparently the unintended target of a shooting at a party. A man has been arrested in connection with the killing.
Molly Okeon is following the story today and filed this early report.

Some of what Molly has learned:

A friend said Huel went to Rose City High.
The firend said parties for teenagers are often held at the building by a group called “The Underground,” though she was unsure of who they were. Friday night’s party was attended by about 50 kids for a girl’s birthday, she said.
Friends described the parties as a place high school students go to dance but no alcohol is served, she said.
“They have security,” she added. “It’s not too crazy. Everybody there knows each other.”
Marlene Jackson, a friend of Huel’s aunt when Huel was a baby, drove all the way from Northridge with her 15-year-old daughter’s to see Huel’s memorial today.
Though she hadn’t seen Huel in years, she said she stopped by to see what she looked like as a teenager.
Jackson said she used to live nearby in Altadena but moved away three years ago for her daughter’s safety.
“I would never let my daughter come down here,” she said of the area. “This is one of the reasons I moved away.”

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