• HH

    I can see where the aye’s are coming from, but have to believe that there are some serious extenuating circumstances here. Her husband may have beaten her, cheated on her, etc., but something very traumatic must have happened to make her kill her children as well. (I’m not saying that the husband did any of those things — in fact, all reports are that he was a great guy — but even if was a terrible person, there must be something big here that made her snap.

  • anonymous

    so has anyone been able to find out any additional information as to how and why it happened?

  • A

    She needs to rot in jail and suffer & think everyday what she did to her family, imediate family, and friend/people who knows the family.Death would be the easy way out.

  • Friends of the family

    I HATE that people need to find “reason” for Man Ling to have killed her family. NO, Neal was NOT an abuser. Man Ling did the crime so why are we trying to find fault in Neal? Who did Neal kill? No one. Do NOT ever accuse him of being an abuser.

  • Jen

    I seriously do not believe for a second that Neal was an abuser. And even if he was, which he WAS NOT, that gives no one a right to kill him or those two beautiful, innocent children!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We are not looking for a “reason” for Ling, we are also seeking the “answer”.
    No one know what happened, no one see what happened, then what make you so sure Ling killed them?
    Neal is not an abuser, no, he is not. But, he is not nice and sweet either.
    If you are friend of Neal, you must knew Ling was quit her job to help him selling insurance, then you must knew why Ling need to back to work as a waitress, you must knew what Neal doing everyday after he drop Devan to school and Ian to Ling’s mom, cus Ling’s mom baby-sit for them. Did Neal goes to work? No, he still stay home and do nothing.
    Why his wife needs to work hard make money for living and he as man at the house can just sit there watch TV, reading book or play computer but not hard work?

  • Anonymous

    So that was a reason to kill him? Nice. Ling confessed, end of story.

    Sure she could be mad at Neal all she wanted but why kill the boys?

  • anonymous

    there is no reason that could ever be good enough to validate her actions. she killed three innocent people. to attack and find fault in a dead man you never knew to justify his murder is pathetic.