No one’s talking about the body found in Arcadia Saturday, except Arcadia police Lt. Larry Goodman, who told us Monday that the discovery may be linked to a San Gabriel missing person case from “a month ago.”
The only person reported missing in San Gabriel a month ago happens to be 31-year-old Liya Lu. missing since Aug. 11.
The coroner still refuses to even release a gender on the find. “Security hold” they say.
Sheriff’s homicide isn’t talking.
Arcadia police aren’t talking anymore.
San Gabriel PD, who so deperately played the local media in their search for Lu, have clammed up too….

San Gabriel’s lack of willingness to comment today on the Lu case is perhaps the most telling portion of this whole story. If they are so desperately looking for a missing woman, wouldn’t they welcome any additional publicity?
Lots of questions here.

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