Hot prowls in South Pas

i-c21ed8eb738e023c7d6f3b7fb83a6938-mbmcd.jpg We’re getting two different stories from South Pasadena police about a series of burglaries taking place there over the past several weeks.
The first version of the story was published on our website Monday…
and picked up by CBS2 and Mary Beth McDade of KCAL9
Here’s what we wrote:

SOUTH PASADENA – Two thefts of valuables at city residences reported over the weekend are part of what police are describing as a “rash of burglaries” over the last few weeks.
Cash and jewelery and other small valuables have been the only objects taken in any of the eight recent burglaries reported in the city, according to Corporal Craig Cooper of the South Pasadena Police Department.
“They are going for cash and carry items and ignoring larger items like laptops and cell phones,” said Cooper.
He said that in all the cases the burglar entered through an unlocked door in the house.
The two weekend burglaries, which took place on Saturday, were reported on Milan Street and Marengo Street, according to Cooper.
Investigators suspect that the same person or people have been responsible for all the burglaries, said Cooper.

Here’s what Brian Day learned from another South Pasadena police officer Monday night…

Sgt. Joe Lunnon gave Day a completely different set of facts to work with. He said there had been four burgs over the weekend: two in the 2000 block of Edgewood on the 23rd and 24th; one in the 1900 block of Marengo on the 23rd and one in the 1900 block of Oak on the 23rd.
Over the weekensd 2000 block of Edgewood 23th and 24th 1900 block of Marengo on the 23rd 1900 block of Oak 23rd.
I wonder how they are going to catch the crooks, if police aren’t able to get their stories straight…this kind of sloppiness often catches up to them in court as well.
We’ll stay on top of this one.

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