Crime Crime Crime

There are a lot of crime stories moving forward today.
Man-ling Williams pleaded not guilty in West Covina to charges of killing her husband and two children. In today’s paper we had some of the first published comments from Neal Williams’ mother Jan of Whittier.
Sheriff’s Detectives helped the rest of the local media catch up with us in the pursuit of Isaac Campbell. He’s wanted in connection with the killing of his girlfriend Liya “Jessie” Lu.
Campbell, a former nursing student at PCC, and apparently a part-time instructor there is alleged to have killed Lu and stuffed her body in a trash can. He covered the body with kitty litter, according to sheriff’s Lt. Gil Carrillo.

tomorrow’s paper will have the interesting story of a local politician (attention foothill cities) who’s accused of posing as a congressional medal of honor winner. He’s looking a a year in the federal pen.
Some of the reporting on the Netter story seems to be having some effect in Temple City….as in up in arms parents.
I’ll update this with links later.

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