Body ID as missing woman

ARCADIA Sheriffs Homicide detectives confirmed Tuesday that a body found in a Baldwin Avenue backyard is that of a missing San Gabriel woman.
A search is on for her boyfriend Issac Campbell, of San Gabriel, Sheriffs Homicide detective Joe Sheehy said.
Liya Lu, 31, of San Gabriel was reported missing Aug. 11 after she was dropped off at a Campbells home in San Gabriel, Sheehy said.
Her body was discovered Saturday afternoon in a trash can at a home in the 1700 block of South Baldwin Avenue, in Arcadia.
Sheehy said there is no connection between the discovery and the murder of a woman whose body was found in a trash can floating in Legg Lake in South El Monte in January.


No one’s talking about the body found in Arcadia Saturday, except Arcadia police Lt. Larry Goodman, who told us Monday that the discovery may be linked to a San Gabriel missing person case from “a month ago.”
The only person reported missing in San Gabriel a month ago happens to be 31-year-old Liya Lu. missing since Aug. 11.
The coroner still refuses to even release a gender on the find. “Security hold” they say.
Sheriff’s homicide isn’t talking.
Arcadia police aren’t talking anymore.
San Gabriel PD, who so deperately played the local media in their search for Lu, have clammed up too….
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Body Dump in Arcadia

This is going to turn out to be an interesting story.
The coroner has the case on security hold, which means they won’t even release a gender of the victim. My guess is that anyone who can put two and two together might link the find to this story.
There are very few instances where the coroner puts a case on security hold. It’s usually done at the request of cops who need to keep very specific information close at hand. I can only think of two other times where a hold was put on cases. I’ve never run across one where they won’t release the gender.

And now the rest of the story…

The final add in the Greg Eversole murder case ….
Many commenters have hinted that the girl in this case discovered Greg’s body and waited several hours before calling the police.
Sheriff’s detectives Thursday she waited an hour before calling. In the meantime she called a friend and possibly some family members.
As for the pot house. There will be no prosecution. The farm was dismantled and deputies were unable to connect it to the girl.
End of Story.

What happens in Temple City Stays in Temple City

Over at the Star-News prep sports blog Scott Galetti Talks Prep Sports, there’s been some comment on the follow up story to the Deandre Netter murder that ran this past week.
Mainly the chatter consists of several anonymous coaches proclaiming that no matter happened between Coach Lopez( the brother of the suspected shooter in the Netter murder) and a player on the Temple City High School football team (A friend of Deandre’s), everyone’s happy.
Interesting chit-chat.