SGV man subject of Bay Area news after his murder

John “Daniel” Schirra, 22, who grew up in the SGV, met his demise in a San Francisco alley over Labor Day, according to published reports.
Schirra was found naked and stabbed to death in an alley. Police have no suspects in the case and few leads to go on, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Here’s a photo provided to the Chronicle by the Schirra family.
San Francisco is in the middle of a crime wave that’s causing a spike in violent crime – especially murder. The Chron details Schirra’s case and a few others from Memorial Day here.

Santa sentenced

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The man who thought he was Santa Claus got stuck with a $10,000 fine and two-year prison term Wednesday following his jam in West Covina chimney last month, officials said.
Marco Antonio Espinoza has to pay $10,000 to the homeowners whose chimney was ruined by firefighters attempting to extracate Espinoza.
When he got picked up, Espinoza told cops he was working on the home.
What tipped off the cops was resident Danny Ramos saying he heard someone yelling help me, help me!
These photos were kindly provided by the West Covina Fire Department.

Missing in the SGV

i-aefa8bf81d2529a17dd0bed591bd1e8f-missing_person_poster.jpg Milk cartons abound with the faces of the missing, it’s cliche. I saw a poster in a Corona gas station this morning digging for signs of hope in the search for a missing developmentally disabled person.
In a conversation with an El Monte Police detective this afternoon, I learned the story of Austin Jay Smith. He’s been missing since 1993. There was a reward way back when, but nothing ever came of tips, investigations, etc. Anyway, EMPD is taking a third look at the case. We’ll have more later.
In the meantime, if you have stories of missing persons, let us know, we’ll begin collecting them here. If you have pictures, that will help too.

Not guilty plea in Ebony Huel shooting

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A parolee accused in last months shooting death of Ebony Huel outside a party in Pasadena pleaded not guilty today to a murder charge.
Johnl Dvon Reynolds, 20, remains jailed pending his next appearance in Pasadena Superior Court Sept. 26.
Reynolds is accused in the Aug. 17 murder of Huel, who was gunned down about 11 p.m. outside a party in a building in the 2000 block of Lincoln Avenue. The party venue has since been shut down.
Meanwhile, the Pasadena City Council spent much of Monday night debating ways to limit violence in the community.
The rest of us sane people focused on MNF.

Temple City or Mayberry?

Kids went back to school in Temple City and for the first time in anyone’s memory there, they are dealing with the aftermath of a drive-by shooting. Police suspect Deandre Netter was shot and killed by former classmates.
I think the most interesting element of this is how the tension has even filtered down on to the football team. During preseason drills, an assistant coach and student got into an argument over the shooting, What’s even more interesting is how the school district has dealt with that element of the fallout.