Prep Sports meet True Crime

A fight broke out at Friday night’s game betwen Gladstone and Duarte high schools. This is a short video taken from the stands.
My guess is nothing is going to be done about this sort of behavior, in spite of the fact that this sort of bench clearing brawl is cause for suspension in the NFL, NBA and MLB. I’m pretty sure the NCAA has strict policies on this sort of hooliganism as well. But who cares right?
Friday was a tough night for footbal fans in the valley…

…two people were stabbed outside the El Monte Bolen Parque game just after the game ended. Our reporting indicates they were taken to a local hospital in critical condition (interestingly neither victim was from Bolen). One was from Montclair and one was from Rialto.
All this follows on the heels of the vollwyball fight/game at San Diams last week. What gives? Is any one going to take responsibility for this bad behavior? will any punishment be handed out?

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